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Magnum White King

Manic Milkshake Lover

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Okay, so the name is a little difficult to pronounce – Cuillère (KU-yer) – but it’s what’s scribbled on the outdoor blackboard that makes me hold my breath and dash in: carabao milkshakes. As a catering venue that has come into its own as a restaurant, proprietor Arlene Arce and chef Katrina Arce Kuhn have […]

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A Taste of Provence at Cafe Provencal

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Provence is romanticized in the book series A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. His vivid descriptions capture a region of turquoise skies, a blue sea, and the freshest of ingredients. It tells tales of a people who look to the land, its seasons, and its past for edible inspiration. The trinity of Provence cuisine […]

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