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Magnum White King

Mo’ Buttah, Mo’ Bettah (or, Everything’s Better with Butter)

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How can I not love a place with “butter” in its name? In addition, how can I not love something called Butter Diner? It’s a “greasy spoon” of a place that embodies everything great about the diner: generous amounts of a wide variety of (usually American) food served in an environment gleaming with stainless steel […]

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Friday’s Revisited

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It’s been years since I last visited Friday’s. Seemingly cast by the wayside in favor of the newer restaurant chains, it’s a far cry from when it first opened in the early ’90s and succeeded in smashing all occupancy records. Since then, Friday’s branches around the city have opened and closed, and for a long […]

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The Rush at Red

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My heart begins to beat faster as the plate of food is placed before me. I feel the ensuing energy coursing through my veins, the heightened rush of blood. My fingers start to tingle, and as I surrender to that first ambrosial bite, I feel a glow emanating from within. As a color, red is […]

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