Food Photo Thursday: Merry Moo Ice Cream

Note: Every Thursday, post a food photo: it can be of what you’re eating, what you want to eat, etc. It can be shot with any device, from a mobile phone, tablet, to a regular camera – point & shoot or SLR. It’s all up to you but it must be YOUR photo, no ripping off of somebody else’s work. And please include a short description. We want to know what it is and where to eat it too, if possible.

This week, I’m focusing my camera on what may be the creamiest of all artisan ice creams.

This is a great year for people who love ice cream. Beginning with Sebastian’s, the one who blazed a trail for others like him, there are now several artisan ice cream makers who wish to offer that perfect scoop. And offer it they do with high-quality ingredients and low overrun in flavors that are as imaginative as they are traditional. I’ve tried almost all of these artisan ice creams and I have my favorites among each of them.

My food photo for this week is that of ice cream from Merry Moo. I admit, I’m a sucker for the name and its logo: what a cheerful cow that is on the front of each pint! This is perhaps the creamiest ice cream compared to the other artisan brands I try and at times, it’s almost too creamy. What I like about this brand however is that it offers a streamlined selection of flavors that are done purposefully. Kelvin Ngo, the main man at Merry Moo, is very serious about customer feedback – I should know, he and I have a long conversation about his ice cream. And I can’t help but think that someone who calls himself the “Chief Ice Cream Officer” is very dedicated to customer satisfaction.

I like Merry Moo’s French Vanilla that’s velvety and lush and speckled with seeds from the vanilla bean. The Coffee Kahlua is just begging to be soaked in a shot of espresso, so potent and strong it is. I wish the Butter Pecan was more buttery, if you can believe that. But my favorite of all is the Sea Salt Caramel. A color that reminds me of sugar heated gently to a burnished brown with the resultant flavor, it’s just salty enough to make me savor and sigh in satisfaction before saving yet another spoonful for another day.

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