Food Photo Thursday: Yet Another Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Okay, okay. I know that I featured one monster of a chocolate chip cookie yesterday, but I can’t resist telling you about another one I’m enjoying.

Of course I know about the Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough dessert at Stella. I’m there with a friend whose appetite for dessert equals her ability to create them in her own kitchen. Together, we try all five cakes at Rocket Room – Chocolate Marquis, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, Coffee Jelly Cake, etc. – and then we round everything off nicely with Stella’s sweet main attraction.

At its core, this is a chocolate chip cookie spread onto a shallow stoneware bowl and baked quickly  in the restaurant’s reason for being – a wood-fired oven. Solidifying its star appeal, this cookie consists of components that are as scintillating in name as they are in appearance: salted caramel, pistachios, mantecado ice cream.

A chocolate chip cookie, hot and ready for the taking, is already pleasure perfected. I don’t have to stop and think about whether I’m going to like it, I already do. I have a weakness for dual-temperature desserts, sweets that at their core, offer texture and temperature.

Stella’s cookie dough dessert isn’t as big as photos I’ve seen portray it to be. It’s a thin layer of cookie with a crispy bottom, similar to the tutong at the bottom of a paella pan. Addictive, this crisp of crust awash in sugar and butter, waving hello as it sails on wafts of vanilla, with chocolate cruising through. This dessert is a wonder in texture, so many things announce themselves. Pistachios punctuate every bite, their particular nuance is pronounced and accented by licks of salted caramel that stain the buttery mantecado ice cream lazily lacing and laying over its hot cookie bed. Like I said, it’s a dessert I don’t have to think about falling in love with.

But every love story has a kink, and with this one, it’s that it’s too sweet. “Gasp!” You may be thinking. “Can anything be too sweet for someone whose reason for eating is to get to dessert?” I’ve come to a point where I want my desserts to taste more than just plain sugar. Sugar should just be an accent, a vehicle for flavor to come through. Thankfully, with Stella’s Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough dessert, that’s an easy fix: just pull back a bit on the sugar and keep everything else as it is.

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Stella, Wood Fire Bistro
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(02) 621 3222
Open daily.

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