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A Chocolate Chip Cookie. A Really Big One.

posted by in Pasig/Ortigas

If given the choice, I could really eat this entire cookie by myself. But proper decorum dictates that I slice it into decent-sized wedges.

Ivorie Acosta runs a cookie business appropriately called Cookie Bar. When she started it a few years ago, she sent me some cookies to try. I thought they were too sweet, lacked a little finesse, and gently suggested that she clock in more kitchen time.

In the three years since, I’m impressed with Ivorie’s perseverance in pursuing her passion. She took a few baking courses and her cookies are all the better for it. So impressed am I with her cookie redux that I include her in my Dessert Fantasy, a selection of 10 of my new favorite desserts published in the April 2012 issue of FOOD magazine.

Ivorie has since outdone herself yet again by coming up with another cookie, a cookie that may just be the mother of them all. She calls it a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake (price upon request). It’s an 8-inch cookie that’s baked in a cake pan, and because the batter is so thick, it puffs and collapses in upon itself. The result is a cake that’s really a cookie with a sunken middle, sugar-pocked parts of itself a framework for the fudgy layer peeking through underneath.

“Try heating a slice in the microwave for 10 seconds and serve a la mode,” Ivorie tells me. So I do. I don’t have plain vanilla so I spoon – not scoop – languid curls of the ice cream I have at home, Fog City Creamery’s Ferrero Rocher with Nutella Swirl. The cold cream is embraced, enveloped by the cookie’s warmth, and falls, as does my willpower.

When overheated, as is often my folly, the cookie tends to cave in, its surface sags, its middle becomes molten. I can see the network of fudge beneath, a clutch of chocolate in chips and chunks. Broadcasting its aroma of vanilla and sugar and chocolate – oh so much chocolate – this cookie is soft and moist and all kinds of pleasurable.

Really now, can anything be better than a chocolate chip cookie? Especially one this big.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
By Cookie Bar of Ivorie Acosta
0917. 555 1228
Cookie Bar Fan Page

14 Responses to “A Chocolate Chip Cookie. A Really Big One.”

  • Wow, will have to try this soon! Thanks for sharing your finds, as always!

    BTW, the “Cookie Bar Fan Page” link under Cookie Bar’s phone# shows as:

    I suggest removing the “%20″ prefix, so that big cookie-lovers won’t be deterred by an invalid link, hehe…



    Lori Reply:

    Gosh Dokes, you’re too quick! Was just about to fix that. Do try this B-I-G cookie soon. And don’t forget the ice cream, whatever flavor.


    Dokes Reply:

    Oh, I think the only way to eat this is just as you did: warmed and à la mode!

    I’ve not yet been able to try Fog City Creamery’s ice cream, but will do so. Do you just pick up from Focaccia A Venue or Valle 5, or use The Green Grocer?


    Lori Reply:

    The Makati distributor delivers it to my house.

  • Forgive me for such an engineering question — I am an engineer after all — but… what’s its diameter and height? :)

    Even without an answer, I may have already fallen in love. Right now I’m imaging myself resting my face on its warm surface and gently kissing it.


    Lori Reply:

    Good lord, that IS an engineering question! Well, lemme see… It’s 8-inches in diameter and almost 2-inches in height. It’s big enough to accommodate a face pressed lovingly into its chocolate surface.


    anotherwise Reply:

    Thank you, Lori. Now my food daydreams will become much more realistic! …along with the pain of not having it. :P


    Lori Reply:

    Why suffer? Order one for yourself :)

    leigh Reply:

    just can’t resist posting – love the way you put it lori – “big enough to accommodate a face pressed lovingly into its chocolate surface”


    Lori Reply:

    Thank you, Leigh! Your comment made me chuckle.

  • Wow this is big!!! Do you only do deliveries? BTW I just gasped upon seeing the cookie..:D


  • I just ordered one, sooo excited to try it, based from your description, i know i won’t be disappointed…hi, im a new fan of your awesome blog :) super loooooove it!!!


    Lori Reply:

    Hi Rhia,
    Let me know what you think of the cookie cake. And welcome to DCF! Glad to have you here.


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