Post Your Photo Thursday



M.I.Y.O. Mondays and now it’s Post Your Photo Thursdays! Since people love to take photos – especially of the food they eat – and share them on their networks, I thought, “Well why not, this is a food website, after all!”

So, here we go. Every Thursday, post a food photo: it can be of what you’re eating, what you want to eat, etc. It can be shot with any device, from a mobile phone, tablet, to a regular camera – point & shoot or SLR. It’s all up to you but it must be YOUR photo, no ripping off of somebody else’s work. And please include a short description. We want to know what it is and where to eat it too, if possible.

Here’s my food photo for this week which I shot with my mobile phone. It’s the Salmon Miso ramen at Ramen Cool. I’m so psyched to have finally made my way to this place after hearing so much about it. As you know, ramen and tonkatsu places abound in Manila and we’re all the better for it.

I liked this ramen well enough. The broth was adequately flavored and the salmon was tender. I just wish there were more noodles. But look at all those veggies, greens and bean sprouts!

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