Happy 7th Anniversary, Dessert Comes First!

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There are 850 posts on Dessert Comes First (DCF), and this, the 7th Anniversary Post, is the 851st.

At that rate, I’ve written 141 posts a year on the average, a very small number compared to more prolific blogs. It takes me at least 3 hours to write a post in white heat, edit it in cold blood, compile and caption the accompanying photos before I press “Publish.” This is the exacting standard I’ve set for myself however, as a food writer trained in the craft of the written word.

7 years ago today, on May 2, 2005, I began DCF and embarked on a tremendous journey. It ascends to giddy highs and heart-wrenching lows with plenty of stops at stations filled with home bakers who make memorable sweets, chefs stamping their imprint on the local restaurant landscape, and food purveyors who’ve improved the quality of food available to us. I’m grateful to all these people and fortunate to document such delicious times!

And of course thank you to YOU, the readers of DCF! Some of you have been with me from the very beginning and have read every post. To those whom I’ve met at restaurants, at events, and in the checkout line at the supermarket (!) thanks for coming up to me to tell me how much DCF makes you drool. I’m ever grateful.

A read-through of DCF’s other birthdays provides a glimpse at how far we’ve come, how things have changed and how some have stayed the same. DCF’s 1st birthday chronicles the rush of the initial year, including the first post, first restaurant, and first home baker featured. The 2nd birthday commemorates DCF’s first award and the glee of a new camera, while the 3rd birthday captures me in a pensive state. Then there was the rapture of DCF’s 6th Anniversary which I marked with a huge to-do.

On DCF’s 7th anniversary, I thought you might want to take a peek into the backroom and see the numbers that make up this little food blog of mine.

The Landmark Posts
These are the ones that are alternately famous and notorious. Do you still remember some of them?

Post with the most comments (135): Caramel Apple of My Eye.
DCF readers, on the whole, are a lurker lot. They’re very intelligent but reticent; only a few will take the time to voice out their opinion. This post – about apples on sticks, for goodness’ sake! – showed that sometimes, it’s quite the thrill to talk back.

The “Breakthrough” post: The 10 Best Desserts In Manila And The Vultures Who Eat Them.
Rather notorious this one, since it got me “fired” from a magazine, but it’s what put DCF on the map and got me noticed.

Most popular post of ALL-TIME: 5 of The Best Chocolate Cakes in Manila .
It’s chocolate. It’s cake. It’s a no-brainer as to why this post endures as the most viewed post on DCF. I should really update this one however, a post on My 10 Favorite Chocolate Cakes, perhaps. (See related mention below in the Home Bakers section).

Most controversial post: Want Steak? Go To Myron’s and its rejoinder post How I Review Restaurants (Addressing That Myron’s Post).
These two posts were controversial just like the caramel apple post above, but in a different way. The conflict stemmed from some readers’ astonishment at the stark difference between my experience at Myron’s and theirs. It got to a point that the restaurant owners asked to meet with me to work out the hullabaloo. The craziest rumor I heard about the effects of this post was that the issue was used as a case study in a business seminar, where it was stated that the post generated sales of P 1M for Myron’s. Unfounded, but mind-boggling nevertheless.

Post that almost got me thrown out of a restaurant: Cantonese Kitchen.
It’s commonplace now to take food photos in restaurants but you must remember that I started DCF back in 2005 when this was not the case. Plenty of people didn’t even know what a blog was, and taking pictures was seen as imitation, and worse, imminent competition. Oh, how times have changed since then, and thankfully, we food bloggers can snap away at will, within certain boundaries of course.

Posts & interesting numbers about Homebakers

Oh, how I love homebakers and their efforts to enliven Manila’s dessert landscape! They are part of the lifeblood of DCF. Many of the homebakers that I’ve featured have become my friends and I follow their careers, cheering for them at every turn and including my favorites in video and in my contributions to magazines. Sadly, some of the homebakers I’ve featured on DCF have closed shop, but most, I’m happy to report, have made quite the name for themselves; some have even opened their own stores.

Number of Homebaker posts on DCF: 100

Age of youngest homebaker featured on DCF: 16. Ange de la Cruz of The Sweet Life by Ange back in 2007.

First homebaker featured on DCF: Kristine Guerrero of KG’s Kitchen. Tragically, her post seems to have disappeared from the DCF database!

Most featured homebaker on DCF: Karen Young. I’ve written 7 separate posts on her.

Type of dessert most featured on DCF: Cake. Chocolate cake, to be exact. Whether it be flourless, mousse, or meringue, as long as it’s got chocolate in it and it’s a cake. The runners-up in this category are cheesecake and then ice cream.

Some random facts:

Number of restaurants featured on DCF: 200 (The Restaurant category is the most populated database on DCF!)

Number of emails I receive weekly asking to be featured on DCF: 4 (on the average).

What I wish more homebakers would offer: Pie.

Number of 8-ounce glasses of water I drink while working on a post: 3. I forbid myself to eat while working.

Number of facelifts DCF has had since 2005: 4

Number of facelifts I’ve had since DCF’s inception: 0

Okay DCF readers, onwards we go to year 8! In honor of DCF’s 7th Anniversary, if you’ve got a question you’d like to ask me, stick it in the Comments section!


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