My Magnum. What’s Yours?

You might remember the photo below appropriately captioned, “Tea and Magnum.” It’s the last photo of one of my eating trips, a 3-part series on Singapore. So satiated am I on the flight home that I – lover of airplane food (yes, believe it) – forgo the meal but gladly accept the Magnum ice cream bar that I wash down with hot black tea.

Magnum officially launched and went on sale in the Philippines this past Tuesday, February 27. It’s a very familiar product to me; my trips to Singapore, Bangkok, London , and Switzerland among others are highlighted by this very special ice cream bar. I never thought it would land here at home, having resigned myself to the fact that this treat would always be overseas and out of reach.

The heart is so apropos: I heart Magnum.

There are ice cream bars and then there’s Magnum. Satin-smooth and seductively sweet, it is cool creaminess cloaked in chocolate of the very best kind, Belgian chocolate. Considered by connoisseurs as the most premium, Belgian chocolate is noted for its light texture and a sweetness that flits and flirts instead of frank and in-my-face.

Magnum, super chilled still.

When word gets out that Magnum has hit the stores, I rush out to horde my own stash. The encroaching heat only serves to spike my craving and unfortunately, my self-control. I’m about to deplete the stock of Magnum at my local 7-11, when a girl enters the store and walks resolutely to the chillers. Clearly, she’s come here with a purpose, and its name is Magnum. Spying my arms laden with the golden, foil-wrapped treasure, her jaw drops open and in the span of a few seconds, I see a constellation of expressions on her face: shock, anger, contemplation, steely determination. We have the briefest of conversations, somewhere along the lines of “I’ll trade you two Almonds for that Chocolate Truffle.” Catfight averted.

Look at them chocolate cracks clinging for dear life…

When I get home, the Magnum has softened slightly which is really the way to eat it, I believe. Straight from the freezer, it’s hard and the ice cream is spongy. Allowed to “chill out”, beads of condensation form on its sleek surface and my first bite yields that crrraaccckkk! That brittle snap, so crisp and clear is an indicator of quality chocolate correctly tempered (a process where chocolate is melted, cooled, and re-warmed in order to make it glossy and “snappy.”)

My ears perk up at the snap, a signal that salivation starts now. My tongue is littered with shards of cracked chocolate, they melt instantly in notes of smoke and sweet as ice cream spreads and sweeps in; it’s sublime and sublimely rich. Within half an hour, I’ve eaten each of the three variants: Classic (vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate coating); Chocolate Truffle (chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate coating); and my favorite, Almond: vanilla ice cream and slivered almonds clutched in the cool caress of milk chocolate – at least until my mouth liberates it.

Ohhh, how quickly it melts!

Crack, crisp, chocolate, cream: cool indulgence is mine.


Magnum is available at all leading supermarkets for P50; P60 at 7-11 and other convenience stores.

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