Living The Story — In 6 Minutes

A recipe for a blog in 6 steps viewed in 6 minutes.

This is the video currently being shown in all Fully Booked Stores as part of my stint as brand ambassador which began this month. The video is part of Fully Booked’s campaign called Live The Story and it tells my story. The 12-hour shoot was shot last month and it was fittingly called, “Dessert” as you can see in the clapper photo above.

This is a fun little video that details some of my absolute favorite desserts and my coffee of choice, as well as some of my other favorite things, things that might surprise you since it’s not all about food. To watch the video, you can click on the link above, or watch it here in HD, or just watch it on YouTube.

Don’t forget that you’re entitled to book discounts for the duration of my gig as Fully Booked brand ambassador. Check out my monthly book picks highlighted by the image on the sidebar and my twice-monthly book reviews.

Big thanks go to Pelicola TV and BigTop Productions, especially director King Palisoc and his team who made the shoot so much fun, and of course, Fully Booked which has supported me since Dessert Comes First began.

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