Another Great Kopi Tiam


My first visit to NP Kopi Tiam (North Park Kopi Tiam – NPKT) is on Valentine’s Day – of all days – in 2006. The serendipitous result of “nowhere-driving” in the Santolan area, it had only been open for a few months at the time. Having just finished a full lunch but angling for dessert, I drop in for a cup (and a glass) of coffee.

NP Kopi Tiam 2
NP Kopi Tiam

Though the “NP” isn’t spelled out, it’s apparent once I go inside that the two letters stand for North Park: cue the “ahh!” moment of recognition. From the placemat paper-menu with its recognizable blue and yellow lettering to the wooden interiors composed of slats and sloping ceilings, every person who’s ever been to North Park (and that’s almost all of us) will instantly feel at home.

fried rice

Back in 2006, the restaurant was divided into two – the main dining area and a smaller space designated as the bakery. Because of NPKT’s success – and anything that owners Gabby and Paeng Soon does become successful – the bakery was moved inside and its former space was made a dining area as well.

crab and corn soup
crab and corn soup
Korean beef stew
pansit, Korean beef stew

Kopi Tiam is generally known as “coffee shop” in Chinese, Malay, and other related languages. The Soon brothers have given it their own twist by offering a broad spectrum of food, North Park faves (mami and dimsum); Asian classics (Korean beef stew P210; Teriyaki Beef Belly) to café standbys (all-day breakfasts like Angus beef tapa, pastries, and desserts). The dishes are from recipes culled from the Soon family favorites and creations, hence NPKT’s menu undergoes frequent revisions. Every visit of mine has seen different and new offerings. I especially like the fried rice, the house Kopi Tiam Chami (P170), which doesn’t look like much but is slippery and satisfying, and the Corn and Crab soup (P190), so thick with real crab that it’s almost a chowder.

house kopi

Although I have yet to come here for breakfast, it’s one I’m highly anticipating.


Of course you can’t eat here without having one of their coffee drinks. Whether it be the House Kopi, the Kopi with condensed milk, or one of the newfangled specialty coffee drinks, you can order something to pair it with from the menu or give in to one of the visual temptations on the cart laden with doughy treats. There are also a number of coolers like the Storm (P90, above), a fancy halo-halo or another kind served on a buko shell half. I’m not a big fan of the cookies and cakes here but the main dishes have me purring with contentment.

NP Kopi Tiam
3 C. Benitez St, Bgy. Horseshoe, Q.C.
Open everyday 9 am – 2am.

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