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Christmas Gift List Purveyor #9: Jenny Silayan of Sugarbee

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Her name might not be familiar to you at first, but that’s because there’s been a name change.

Previously featured Christmas Gift List purveyors

Sugarbee is the former Fudgies by Jenny S., maker of those tempting molten lava cakes in the shape of a huge flower, the result of baking them in those aluminum ensaymada molds. If you’ve been to Chelsea, MoMo, or Le Bistro Vert, you’ve probably eaten her Valrhona Sans Rival, Cookie Dough Cheesecake (one of my best desserts of 2007), or my favorite citrus sweet, Calamansi Pie.

Having Jenny as a featured purveyor at the Dessert Comes First Christmas Gift List came about by pure serendipity. It’s too lengthy a tale for me to detail here but let’s just say that her desserts are destined to be here.

As for that name change, Jenny explains, “I’ve grown to more than just Fudgies, which was the name of my first product, chocolate-oatmeal bars.”

So thin and tantalizing, each disc transports thoughts to a place so sweet.

Whatever the name, the sweets remain. At the event, Jenny is featuring a flight of five pleasures. First, her Florentines. Wisp-thin with a whisper-soft crispness, these confections are radiant with bits of dried mango, sliced almonds, and a ripple of caramel. Chewy and candy-like, each florentine’s backside wields a wave of chocolate.

As is evident from the cakes mentioned above, Jenny’s dessert repertoire is wide and varied. We have quite the discussion trying to pare down a selection to include at the event. But we decide on two that we both like very much. There’s her Toblerone Cupcake, characteristic of that single chocolate triangle topping the tuft of piped Toblerone mousse. It’s a chocolate truffle cupcake, velvety and almost too smooth with a subtle chocolate note.

I especially like Jenny’s Carrot Cupcake that’s steeped in spice with a strong cinnamon note. It’s a moist cake capped with a lavish cream cheese frosting and a walnut trail.

These alfajores are a compelling argument for caramel. The sticky, silky substance is sandwiched between two shortbread rounds that crumble with abandon on first bite. Dusted with powdered sugar, the cookie makes marvelous messes of my mouth and the front of my shirt.

Jenny’s Chocolate Pavlova has also undergone a name change. Now called a Valrhona Torte, it’s an absolutely mesmerizing mirror of chocolate glaze so shiny I swear I can almost see my reflection in it. Embodied in this extravagant embrace are layers of meringue and more chocolate, a deeply pleasurable immersion into this dessert’s deliciously dark heart.

Jenny Silayan of Sugarbee
(02) 852 0557 / 502 1150
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7 Responses to “Christmas Gift List Purveyor #9: Jenny Silayan of Sugarbee”

  • hi, i’ve tried clicking on the link for Jenny Silayan’s multiply site but it takes me to an archive in dessertcomesfirst instead :(


    Lori Reply:

    Have fixed the link.



  • ALFAJORES ARE DIVINE! I kid not! I met an argentinian foodie / baker who makes her own (inspired by her mom). Alfajores is not sickeningly sweet even if made with dulce de leche. I really expected a blast of sugar when I bit into it. It;s the right kind of sweet, creamy, crumbly dessert to end a meal. Best eaten with a cuppa tea or a mug of steaming hot black coffee. SIGH.


  • OMG!!! Thanks to you, Lori, I finally know who the baker is behind those cakes! The desserts are actually the bigger reason I eat at those restaurants, more than the savory food items. :-D Is she also the one behind the famous M Cafe Pastillas de Leche Cheesecake? I keep wanting to taste that because of all the raves, but due to my “curse” (are you familiar with my tendency to always order something out of stock?), I never have. :-(

    I’ve never had Florentines with dried mango before, but because I love that cookie, I bet I will like this version, too. And I’ve only ever tasted the alfajores from Good Shepherd, so I’m eager to sample more. I also can’t wait to try that Valrhona Torte. From the looks and description, it may give a similar favorite, Aristocrat’s Torta de los Reyes, a run for its money.

    GRABE, Lori, you’re only on Purveyor #9, and the event is not till next month, but I’m already droooooling!!!


  • The alfajores from Good Shepherd taste sooo good. I have yet to try Sugarbee’s version. The florentines, I love!


  • Lori, I was trying to convince myself not to go knowing that this event will send my attempt at dieting flying out the window. But ever since you posted about Sebastian’s, I’ve decided, to hell with the dieting, I’ll just exercise like a mad woman :)

    Off topic, tried Old Swiss Inn’s S’mores Fondue as per your reco. My fiance and I were there last Saturday. Suuuuper good. It made me want to buy a kitchen torch! :)


    Maro Reply:

    By the way, photo. This how I had it; not the “proper” way, I think! But never mind, it was an excuse to be a child again and be messy at the table :)


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