A Note About the Irregularity of Posts
(or, What Dessert Comes First Is All About)

Dessert Comes First (DCF) began out of my desire to write about food – what I eat, where I eat, and the stories of the incredible people behind all this food. I’m also a great fan of home bakers, thus the great deal of space devoted to them. I’m convinced that they fulfill countless sweet-toothed yearnings, not to mention their offerings ratchet up the quality and variety of desserts available locally.

The website is a chronicle of my food adventures – always has been, always will be. Each post is a product of lots of hard work: from the conception to the writing, and of course, the photos. Depending on what I’m writing about, it can take me three (consecutive) hours and up to three days to produce (writing/shooting) a post. There is no post on this site that’s hammered out in minutes and slapped with lousy, ill-lighted photos just for the sake of updating. I will give up dessert for good before that happens on this website. Simply put, if I have nothing to say, then nothing gets posted.

I understand that maintaining a website requires some deal of regularity, a frequency of posting, if you will. With the exception of Christmas break and spaces of time when I’m traveling, I try to post at least once a week. Two or more posts in a week denote bursts of inspiration on my part, of which I’m most grateful for.

Above all, Dessert Comes First is only one part of my life – it’s not my whole life. I’m a wife and a mom with an insatiably curious five-year-old; I’m a food writer who attends food events, interviews people in the food industry, and I do the occasional project with food companies; I also maintain my column in Appetite magazine. In addition, I travel overseas 2-3 times a year. Every one of us is multi-faceted with different aspects to our lives, and I’m no exception. There’s no way I could spend all my time strapped to my computer churning out post after post or roaming Manila for places and food to write about.

Life is an adventure, and Dessert Comes First is the story of mine. You’re always invited to come along for the ride – with plenty of stops along the way.

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