“Fat and Matronly” and Delicious


When I get into the habit of reading someone’s blog, it’s inevitable that my mind will create an image of them based upon how the blogger writes and what he/she says. It’s similar to those deejays I hear on the radio, they of the baritone, booming voices, and who, in reality, are short, squat and hirsute. At the Philippine Blog Awards held last Saturday night, I met several bloggers whose blogs I read frequently and those I’d never heard of before. As I expected, or maybe didn’t expect, many of these bloggers were planets away from what I thought they’d look like which just goes to show (me) that I shouldn’t judge a book, er… blog by its cover… er, owner.

Anton, Marketman, and me

I guess the same can be said about me. Quite a few people who read this website, said upon meeting me for the first time last Saturday, “Wow, I always thought you’d be fat and matronly looking.” I didn’t know quite how to react to that one. Even Anton of Our Awesome Planet fame echoed, “How do you stay so fit?”

Anyway. There are plenty of blow-by-blow write-ups that have already been posted on several blogs describing last Saturday evening, so I won’t get into it. I enjoyed myself immensely, save for the two hosts of the event who were chattering inanities that only they could understand. I also wish that the winners could’ve been allowed some time to deliver acceptance speeches – it would’ve given the audience some grasp of who he/she is, and then it wouldn’t have felt so much like the organizers were hurrying along the awards night.

Special Blog awards given by Globe

me with Globe rep

The “Delicious” part of the evening for me was winning the DELIBLOG AWARD given by Globe Broadband, honoring Mouthwatering Blogging. Thank you to Globe for recognizing this website and to everyone at the Philippine Blog Awards. This has been a remarkable experience for me, to say the least.

winners all at the Philippine Blog Awards

Philippine Blog Awards finalists and winners

I actually wrote a little acceptance speech before the awards show last Saturday, just in case I won. Didn’t want to be rendered speechless after all. Since I did end up winning an award, but wasn’t allowed to say my thank you’s on stage, I delivered the speech in my parents’ house with my mom, my dad, and my Bin in attendance. This award is for all Dessert Comes First readers. I wouldn’t be here if not for you.

My little acceptance speech: Thank you so much. It’s an honor to be up here. Dessert Comes First came about from my wanting a venue to write about food but not knowing where. It was my good friend, Mari Carandang, who suggested I write a blog. Frankly, I’d never heard of the word and thought it was some kind of disease, but I went ahead and made one anyway, and look where it’s led me. It’s a surprise to be nominated and actually win this award. Thank you to the judges and everybody here at the Philippine Blog Awards. Many thanks go to OB Agustin, my tech guy who helps me out with Dessert Comes First. He’s able to harness his technological brilliance to translate what I want to say and show on the website. Thanks to my readers, fellow food lovers, and those who love dessert as much as I do. It’s a relief to know that I’m not the only one who looks at the dessert menu first before the main course. Thanks also to my little girl, Boo, who gamely poses for some of the photographs on the site. Finally, I’d like to dedicate this award to my husband, Bindoy, my rock and true light. When I first suggested trading in our old dial-up for a DSL connection, he wasn’t too convinced I needed it. But I think I can safely say now that he agrees it was worth the investment. This is for you, hon. Thanks so much everyone.
a rare shot of me and my Bin that I will post
Complete list of winners and respective links to their blogs.

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