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How To Break A Heart (1st of 2 Parts)

posted by in Home Bakers, Makati

chocolate ganache heart

Note: In honor of the month of lo-o-o-ve (pronounced: luuuv, draw out the ‘uh’), every post in February will be about gifts you can give your love(s), places to take your love(s), and most importantly, food you will love yourself for eating. February is also my most favorite month of the year and you’ll see why in 11 days.

When faced with a plethora of heart-shaped cakes, the question stabs me in the heart: how do I cut a heart-shaped cake? Unlike standard round or square layer cakes that virtually have dotted lines for easy slicing, heart-shaped cakes leave me to my own devices. I wanted to cut the cake so that I’d have a pretty slice for the photo and one that would also leave the cake decent enough to share with family and friends. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve hacked up a cake or two in my time.

After breaking a few hearts (ahem) and drawing a few diagrams, I reason that the best way to slice a heart-shaped cake is to begin from the bottom of the heart, at the point where the two lines meet. The intersection provides a nice break that allows one to cut neat triangular slices. Done.

chocolate ganache cake slice

I like hearts and heart-shaped things probably because I was born in February. While I don’t go overboard wearing little heart doodads and whatnots, I’ll admit that when I was a kid, there were some desserts that I liked so much that I used to scribble their names in a notebook surrounded by tiny floating hearts. Now that I’m older and supposedly more mature, I remember the names of the desserts I love and dream about them floating in little heart-shaped bubbles.

fudge is thy name

Valentine’s Day brings forth the domination of all things heart and heart-shaped. Some of my favorite bakers, full of heart they are, have brought out their hearts of cake. Len Lo, a baker that I’ve featured before, transforms her decadence cake into a heart onto which cascades a wealth of shiny chocolate ganache. Whimsical squiggles of white chocolate prance on the cake’s surface, tiny pitter-patters of joy. As I described it before, Len’s chocolate cake has me riveted. I gladly surrender my heart to this darkly chocolate bliss.

Love February Ganache Cake
P480 / 7″
See Cosmo Bread website for ordering details and product menu.

Part 2 in a few hours…

5 Responses to “How To Break A Heart (1st of 2 Parts)”

  • Looks absolutely delish!


  • can’t wait for the 2nd part! advance happy birthday, LORI!

    ~joy cruz


  • Hi!
    I agree, Elaine’s cakes are really delish. :)
    I should know. I get to taste them (and her cookies, brownies, breads…) on a regular basis being her boyfriend’s sister.
    Lucky me! Haha.

    …By the way, I love your blog! :)


  • what a cute cake server. did you make that? where did you get it?

    i enjoyed this piece. it may seem mundane to some but to home bakers it is very relevant. thanks for the tip.


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