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Rainy Day Cookie Desserts

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another monstrous cookie dessert

Warm desserts are just the thing to have when it’s raining and cold outside. Butterscotch pudding and champorado are two of my favorite cold-weather foods, but when it’s time for dessert my thoughts turn to chocolate chip cookies, among other desserts, of course.

Now, chocolate chip cookies freshly baked and straight from the oven into my gaping maw are just the thing, but when I want something a little fancier, kicking up the cookie is the way to go. For that, it’s best to combine elements of cold and hot. I’m a big fan of dual-temperature desserts: there’s something incredibly sensual, feral almost, about two contrasts happening simultaneously, and in my mouth, at that!

I recently had two desserts that are a play upon the chocolate chip cookie, one at Bubba Gump’s and one at Chili’s. Both restaurants use an enormous cookie as their playground but it’s there where they diverge.

Bubba Gump's chocolate chip cookie sundae
I want that pan

Here’s the one at Bubba Gump’s. Called a Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae (P250), it’s a warm chocolate chip cookie topped with twin scoops (peaks! haha) of vanilla ice cream laced with caramel. A smattering of chopped peanuts and the gratuitous splodge of whipped cream all but complete this picture of delectation. The fact that it’s served in an individual cast iron pan ups its appeal factor for me.

I was introduced to this dessert a few years ago by two former officemates. The three of us shared it after a light lunch and I vaguely recall how we fought over the last bites. What I remember vividly however is how moist the cookie was – so good was it that the cookie could’ve been 12 inches wide and it still wouldn’t have been enough for me and my officemates. It’s very easy to overbake a cookie especially in a cast iron pan which regulates heat super efficiently. That may be why this cookie-dessert that I had a few days ago was dry – nothing like what I enjoyed immensely years back. Oh well, perhaps it was an off day.

Chili's chocolate chip paradise pie

Chili’s calls their dessert a Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie (P325). I distinctly remember this being served in a cast iron pan as well, but it’s since been relegated to a white plate – functional but not as aesthetically exciting. What it is however, is a better cookie in terms of moistness and flavor. A bar cookie as opposed to a drop cookie, this one has coconut and chopped walnuts for more texture and chew. A single scoop of vanilla ice cream rests atop a hot fudge puddle. Rowrrr.

Whichever dessert you prefer, make sure that the cookie comes to you hot or at the very least, warm. Nothing can spoil these beauts faster than a cold cookie.

Bubba Gump
Greenbelt 3 2nd Level
Ayala Center
Makati City
Tel. 757-5104, 757-5105

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19 Responses to “Rainy Day Cookie Desserts”

  • great blog lori! spent the entire weekend reading your previous posts as well. didn’t have cravings thus far into my pregnancy but your mouth-watering pictures made me yearn for sweets (especially waffles!) and thanks to your site i know just where to get it.

    will share your site with other food-junkies like me!


  • I so adore those cookie desserts baked in cast-iron type pans. They have a similar dessert in Tony Romas … the only reason I keep going back to that restaurant even though I’m not a big fan of their food. =)

    I’ve been meaning to try and replicate it at home, but I’m not sure where I can get a similar pan in Manila.


  • Yum! I love dual temp desserts too…also using brownies as the warm element :) Mmmm…

    Hi Wysgal…try Gourdo’s for the pan, I know they carry some cast-iron cookware. Also Rustan’s, but they are always out of stock. And I know the newly done-up SM in Makati carries the Lodge brand…


  • I love those warm cake or cookie with cold ice cream desserts too! Bubba Gump has great desserts, my favorite is their Key Lime Pie! Droool ~~


  • I haven’t eaten in Bubba Gump for years. But I have tried their choco chip cookie ala mode…yummy! I wish my cousin was still working there as a chef hahaha

    Will try Chilis real soon!


  • Choc. Chip Paradise Pie is my favorite dessert at Chili’s, I sometimes go there just to eat that! But I’m disappointed that they’ve taken it out of the pan. Although it’s not cooked in the pan, didn’t it help keep it warm?
    Wow…P325?! That’s a lot for a cookie and ice cream. You know, The Old Spaghetti House has a giant choc. chip cookie very similar to the Bubba Gump’s one, also served in a pan, but for much less. I haven’t tried it, but their other desserts there are pretty decent.


  • Tony Roma’s cookie skillet for cookie + ice cream on a pan! Mmmmmmmm….


  • hey lori! Where did the cookie dessert in the first photo come from? That looks really good


  • ahhh. so sinful. i’m not really that big on sweets but when i’m faced with a warm brownie/cookie paired with vanilla ice cream…i loose it. i also like the Chocolate Thunder form Down Under at Outback. i have yet to try the cookie at Tony Roma’s as meekerz points; but i hear only good things about it. for DIY fixes, i get a box of becky’s kitchen brownies, nuke it till its molten then scoop vanilla/dulce de leche ice cream over it. i cant bake to save my life so i just buy the good stuff.


  • hmmmm….looks so delicous. I haven’t tried eating at Babba Gump coz my sister and my mom said that the food is nothing special but i think with this dessert i’ll give it a try! I love chocolate chip! I love ice cream too! Its like 2 of my favorite desserts rolled in to one! yummy! can’t wait to try it :)


  • lori check this out!


  • Hi Lori,

    Just wanted to say thank you for blogging so faithfully! Your entries are always a joy to read and I check back in every day! Thank you for your dedication! Very inspiring!

    All the best in your culinary endeavours!


  • talk about dual-temp desserts…
    try the turon-ice cream combo..superb! crispy caramel- crusted turon coddling the sweet banana-langka tandem, topped with vanilla ice-cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce… yummee!
    a real bargain for less than a hundred bucks.
    at grilla.
    anyone else knows where such delight is available?


  • You are the best! Love yr blogs always and yr pics are amazingly


  • Just wanted to ask again… Where did the cookie dessert in the first photo come from?


  • the colossal cookie at TOSH is quite horrible, the cookie is dry and bland and it only had a golfball of a scoop of ice cream. i’d go for flaming wings’ warm brownie a la mode and apple pie a a mode, both very good and very cheap. oh, and chili’s also has a kickass molten chocolate cake.


  • Chili’s has the most awesome Paradise Choc Chip Cookie dessert on this earth. Recipe can be found online. Just type in Chil’s Paradise Chocolate Chip and it comes up with several sites. I found if you search several sites you get the same recipe. But to be on the safe side…look up all the recipes and match them up together to make sure that no ingredient is missing. Bon Appetite!! We drove there just for their desserts and shook in our boots till we got there. And went to heaven after we ate this dessert. Hence the name I suppose


  • After a friend who used to work for a short while as head chef at Bubba Gump recounted to me HORROR STORIES of the poor hygiene and sanitation maintenance of the kitchen stations there when he first came in, I find it so repulsive to even think of going back there for a second time – even if my friend swore the problems got fixed right away while under his helm.

    His mentioning alone that he was horrified to find plates and cutlery ready for customer usage stacked in crates with rotting food debris and putrid water at the bottom was enough to give me the urge to retch when I recall my first and only time to dine there. My friend hasn’t joined the staff yet at that time, and he didn’t stick around for long either because allegedly the Chinese franchise owners are extremely difficult to deal with and are mostly gung-ho on cost-cutting at the expense mostly of the employees’ morale.

    Lori, you may choose not to retain my comment if you think I’m just spewing unfounded ranting about Bubba Gump – hey, it’s your blog and you call the shots here. But it is already bad enough that the food there is not anything worth going back for considering their exorbitant pricing, and knowing what goes on behind closed doors unbeknownst to the customer is enough motivation for me to post this comment when I came upon your article. Besides, I believe the public should be forewarned.

    Oh by the way, I had also tried their Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. Tell me – was it a portent of things to come when I noticed a hint of rust at the bottom of the cast iron pan after we’ve finished off half of this overpriced confection? Obviously they have not properly “seasoned” the pan. Would you believe the restaurant manager merely brushed off my complaint by saying that such is the characteristic charm of a cast iron cooking utensil? Bleeeech…

    In fairness though, they didn’t make me pay for dessert. Thank God for small mercies!


  • If you live on the East Coast you have to try the Cookie Skillet dessert at HAMS RESTAURANTS .com

    Choc Chip Dough baked IN the cast iron pan and served hot and gooey with 2 scoops of icecream, whipped topping and choc drizzle. A belly-ache waiting to happen!


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