Anniversary Party Raffle Prize: “The President” For Dinner

The President is Myron’s take on an incredible Peter Luger-style steak, 500 grams of Certified Angus Beef served in its juices.

The first time I lay eyes on “The President,” my eyes widen almost as large as the plate it’s served on. There this steak sits in a pool of glowing amber that darkens as it hits its center of meaty juices. The oval serving plate is balanced on an inverted, smaller bread plate and it’s used as a sort of platform that teeters and tilts – the juices slide sexily downward.

Myron’s Place knows steak and my numerous posts on this restaurant prove it.

Like any large piece of meat, The President is quite a looker – hunky, and dizzyingly fragrant of smoke and something more feral. The first bite is always a thrill, somewhat tentative yet determined, the way the juice almost drips down my chin and the tenderness that bites back.

There’s a reason for the seemingly precarious balancing act. Two reasons, really. One, I drizzle the juice on a piece of meat. Briefly, it sparkles like the jewel that it is before my mouth encloses it. Two, I dip another piece of meat into the juice pool, the abrupt motion rips through, rippling the glassy surface; and quicker than a kiss, amber and brown blend. It’s a fondue, the meat emerges from its glossy bath coated in the succulence from whence it came.

The garnish on such a grand meal are the separate shards of salt that speckle the steak’s surface. A coarse frizz of saline sensations, they provide crunch and expansive textural interest.

The President Meal for 2 at Myron’s Place awaits a winner at the Dessert Comes First 6th Anniversary Party. May I be your lucky dinner date?

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