Anniversary Party Raffle Prize: A Canon PowerShot A2200

Do you want a new camera? And no, this isn’t a trick question.

Canon cameras have been a constant in my arsenal since the inception of Dessert Comes First. I began with a PowerShot G2, which I loved to no end, the demise of which I mourned two years later. It was replaced with a Canon PowerShot G7, my take-everywhere camera that, because of its perceived antiquatedness, makes me the subject of light-hearted ribbing by assumedly more “technologically updated” folk. In addition, and resistant though I was to it at first, I also have an EOS 400D that I use for my at-home and assorted other shoots.

For my Anniversary Party, I’m honored to have Canon as a major sponsor who has wholeheartedly given their support. They’ve just launched their new PowerShot A-series line: PowerShot A3300 IS, PowerShot A3200 IS, PowerShot A1200, and the PowerShot A2200. These models employ new in-camera options that include Fish-eye, Miniature, Super Vivid, Poster and the new Toy Camera and Monochrome effects. These cameras are all about control: the ability to manually adjust levels of brightness, color, and tone as well as the new Discreet function, a cool single-step navigation that – in a single second – disables the flash, AF assist light and sets the camera to mute. As if that wasn’t enough, the PowerShot line is capable of HD movie recordings of 1280 x 720 videos with a clear audio track. There’s also the option of using the Miniature Effect in Movie, a mode that slows the frame rate to achieve maximum drama.

At the party, we’re raffling off one PowerShot A2200. Slim and sleek, it’s equipped with a 28mm wide-angle lens, 14.1 megapixels, and a 4x Optical Zoom. From the four vivid colors it’s available in – red, blue, silver, and black – the lucky winner is walking away with the blue one.

Make sure you come to the party ready to have your picture taken. Canon is providing a photobooth where guests can have their pictures shot and then printed immediately on the SELPHY compact photo-printer; think of it as your souvenir of the event. Very cool.

Also on exhibit at the party are Canon’s line of select cameras and SELPHY printers:

  • IXUS 1000Hs
  • IXUS 310Hs
  • IXUS 220Is
  • IXUS 300Is
  • PS SX130
  • PS SX30
  • PS S95
  • PS G12
  • EOS 7D w/ 24-105mm
  • EOS 550D w/70-300mm

So, say “Cheese!” already. Or shall I say, “Dessert!”

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