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Anniversary Party Baker #8: Gail Ang of Simply Pie

posted by in Home Bakers, Quezon City

I have two talented savory pie makers in my Anniversary Party bakers’ line-up: Tina Raines, and here, Gail Ang.

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I’ve written about Gail before, she with the pleasing pies, mini morsels that don’t last more than a bite or two. But it was only recently that I met Gail for the first time, at the meeting I held with my Anniversary Party Bakers last week at the party venue.

Gail is so charming. When I first met her, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “You’re so cute! You look like a little Chinese doll!” And truly, with her porcelain skin and rosy cheeks, that’s what she was. She’s also very soft-spoken and shy. “You’re the first one who ever wrote about my pies,” she tells me with that lovely smile of hers.

Gail has asked for my opinion on her pies numerous times ever since that first feature I did on her. As one of my Anniversary Party bakers, I’m touched and in awe of how she really took the task to heart. We talked about several flavor combinations and I ate many of the samples that she sent over. She’s so skilled at filling her pastry crusts with all manner of tasty tidbits.

Because it’s my favorite from among her pies, Gail is serving her mini quiche of Spinach, Feta, and Sundried Tomatoes. Singularly crisp, her custard never cloys. It’s the perfect accent to her trio of ingredients.

Then there’s a new mini quiche that Gail has developed that I like very much, her Mini Mushroom and Sour Cream Quiche. Shiitake and button mushrooms meld flavorfully in a pleasingly tangy custard. Big pleasures from such a mini pie.

Promise me that you’ll eat Gail’s mini quiches sans utensils. They taste even better eaten out of hand.

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