Anniversary Party Baker #2: Ann Puno of Ann’s Kitchen

It’s the same cake but with two personalities.

Anniversary Party Bakers  

Jill Sandique of Dèlize
Ann Puno of Ann’s Kitchen
Roselyn Tiangco of Kitchen’s Best
Karen Young of Karen’s Kitchen
Gina Lopez of Paisley Pastry
Cristina Santiago-Rivera of Sweet Bella Desserts
Len Lo of Carla & Elaine’s
Gail Ang of Simply Pie
Tina Raines of Tina’s Pie Outlet
Paeng Soon of Ma Chicken Mami House
Ricky Morelos of Dulcelin

There are other Chocnut cakes in Manila but to my mind, not one comes close to the one that Ann Puno makes. I first tasted her Chocnut Cake quite late, she’s been making it for more than 10 years after all. But I’m proud to say that I was one of the first to try her Double Chocolate Chocnut Cake.

These cakes are mirror images of each other save for their color. But like all of us, they have two sides – one that’s all sweetness and sunshine, the other, darker with a smolder.

For my Anniversary Party, there was no question that both would be served. It’s Ann’s idea to make her two masterpieces in cupcake form – they’ll facilitate portability and ease in eating.

Size can affect a dessert negatively. Downsized too much, there’s a drastic change in texture and the ratio between cake and chocolate, crumb and caramel becomes muddled. I’m pleased to say that isn’t the case here with Ann’s cupcakes. Her Chocnut Cupcakes retain their velvety nature, their smoothness ridged with rum and chunks of Chocnut amidst a caramel fall.

Her Double Chocolate Chocnut Cupcakes are a just juxtaposition of their more innocent counterparts. Wedged deep into the middle of each lies a dark heart smitten with melting nuggets of Chocnut clutched in a cake of the deepest chocolate. And again, that caramel fall to alleviate all sins.

Repent. Here is your redemption.

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