The Pizza Company: Filling but far from Satisfying

Pizza Co interiors
colorful dried pasta in bottles make for a good view while eating

Pizza is one of those food items that people have certain allegiances to. A pizza is definitely not just a pizza, and in my case, I’d prefer a thick crust, thanks. A franchise from Thailand, The Pizza Company (TPC) at Market! Market! is currently celebrating its first year anniversary, but yesterday was my very first time there. It just wasn’t one of those places that registered “urgent!” on my restaurant radar. I was on the hunt for Pizza Hut actually, but The Pizza Company materializes in my line of vision first.

My first impression of TPC is that its servers stick by the book – our request to add garlic to our cheese pizza is denied in that whiny, high-pitched articulation characteristic of less experienced servers – “Hindi puwede po, eh,” and our bill is presented even before we’re done eating. Hmm. I’m thisclose to writing off this restaurant.

But the pizza crusts here are pretty, I must say: deeply fluted edges with one’s choice of cheese, sausage and cheese, and the triple – both the aforementioned choices plus bacon. There are choices also for crispy (aka thin) and pan (aka thick).

half- crust pizza

We order a half (9-inch) cheese crust pie (P329) with two kinds of toppings: the double cheese, and the meat deluxe. The crust is again, beautiful, and there’s lots of cheese in it but it has a decidedly “floury” taste. The meat deluxe, a harmony of bovine goodness with pork, pepperoni, sliced ham, sausage, and bacon is peppery and satisfying with a touch of thyme.


Each of the pasta dishes we order is “good for two,” our server tells us, but when the spaghetti with meatballs, and the spaghetti with spicy sausage (both P109) arrive, I can’t help but snort at the scarcity of the servings. In some other places, these portion sizes wouldn’t even classify as an appetizer. Still, the pastas are quite good, especially the Hungarian sausages which are spicy. I also like the dried chilies, which contribute half as much heat as fresh ones would.

cheese and garlic bread

cheese and bacon twists

We order two accompaniments that would’ve been great with the pasta, if only they’d arrived on time: bacon and cheese twists (P79) – think croissant dough encasing cheese and bacon; and cheese garlic bread (P59), a better-valued and more generous dish of pillows of mozzarella, butter, garlic, and parsley. Each bite gushes a little stream of buttery blessedness. Ah.

The Pizza Company fills me up on this rainy Saturday afternoon, but it doesn’t do much to quell a craving for pizza.

2 pizza flavors

The Pizza Company
2nd Level Market! Market!
Global City, Taguig

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