Dessert at Cirkulo: Delirium

Note: This article is a continuation of Cirkulo: The Belly.

Cirkulo is one of the few restaurants that serves a satisfying first and last course. I can almost say that all the desserts on the menu are worth trying, although like me, you will have your favorites.

stranded in a sea of caramel

This is the white chocolate bread pudding (P195), a seemingly intimidating hunk of bread nestled in a sea of caramel. A drippy scoop of ice cream lazes on top. Densely cotton-y but not heavy, the surprise here is biting into little chunks of fine quality white chocolate, little explosions of sweetness that brighten up the mouth.

molten ooze
follow the crumbs to the liquid center

This dark chocolate truffle cake (P195) oozes molten chocolate lava when cut into. Served warm, the accompanying ice cream scoop melts quickly. Hurry, put a spoonful of it and the cake into your mouth and feel a confluence of scintillating hot and cold.


A peanut butter lover like myself would be hard-pressed not to order the PBB (P195) – a warm chocolate cake with a peanut butter center and caramelized bananas. It tastes a lot like the dark chocolate truffle cake, which I ‘m sure it is, with the added oomph of peanuts.

caramelized banana split

What is a banana split but bananas and ice cream and the requisite splodge of whipped cream? Cirkulo’s caramelized banana split takes it one step up by dredging the bananas in sugar and torching them until the sugar forms a brittle crust. The tiny crrrunch that the sugar makes as it hits teeth is titillating.

900 Pasay Road, Makati
810-8735 / 810-2763

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