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The best cassava cake is in … Baguio (Christmas in Baguio – 2nd in a series)

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15 Responses to “The best cassava cake is in … Baguio (Christmas in Baguio – 2nd in a series)”

  • Hi Lori! Hope you and your family are having a great holiday season! Baguio sure is nice during the holidays :)


  • Lemme just say: your photos are stunning. And if it wasn’t enough, your food reviews are not bad, at all.

    Keep ‘em coming…


  • I was in Baguio last February and bought cassava cakes at Everything Nice. The lady told me that her mother sells Cassava cake in Manila. She gave me her telephone number.



  • fyi
    ALL cassava have phytotoxins in the skin, even the kind that we make into bibingka, which is why novices or careless cooks can get into trouble. it’s a matter of peeling the tuber carefully, and selecting the ones of the right age, which have less of the cyanins.


  • Do they have a branch here in Manila? Or do you just call them and order (home-made)? Thanks!


  • Hi! I’ve been an avid reader of your site and have been very happy with your recommendations on places to eat in the metro. Let me just say that actually, the best cassava cake is in Cebu. If you have a chance, try and visit Postrio. It’s a quaint dessert place along escario st. (close to ayala mall) and it has truly the best cassava cake ever! Since I’m from Manila, I have my friends send me some when they have a chance to visit Cebu. Just wanted to share Ãœ


  • I love Cassava Cake – especially when it’s warm and sticky-soft. Your pictures look awesome enough to eat. Thanks Jay for the number!

    Happy New Year!


  • You’ve mentioned suman in your cassava blog. Have you tried Tita Lynn’s “stuffed” suman? Anyone know where the store is located? I love a good suman – the ones I used to have going up the Antipolo church.


  • Tita Lynn’s Flavored Suman has a stall in Tiendesitas Food Village. Happy eating!


  • Tita Lynns Flavored suman has a website and from there you can find her stores and contact information. This is the website


  • Oh no! The post is gone! How will I ever know where the best cassava cake in Bagiuo is? I’m headed there in March, and I really want some!

    Is it at Everything Nice, mentioned in the comment?


  • Yes, I also wonder why the post is gone. :(


  • now i know how to make a cassava suman, i just buy it wheevner i crave for it because i do not know how to cook it hehe. the only problem i have is where to get banana leaves, can they be bought in the market too?


  • Greetings!

    Best cassava is CASSAVA MANILA!!! Try it now…

    I’ve been baking Cassava Manila since the 1970’s. its my passion and I do it as a hobby. And everybody has loved it even in the US. Many balik-bayan brings it to the states as pasalubongs and christmas gifts. Thank you for patronizing our family’s specialty. – LULU MARAVILLAS

    Lulu Maravillas is the Mother of the owner of Everything Nice in Baguio…

    For orders, please call:
    02-7146593 / 02-6648370 / 0933-6306664 (manila area);
    0922-8580716 / 02-6975973 (antipolo area);
    09158885000 / 02-5074861 (mandaluyong area)

    Please like our page:


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