Your Turn To Talk

I’ve decided that for this week, I’d like to hear YOU talk for once.

UPDATED on April 23, 2010: I’m super liking all these comments, everyone! Thanks to all who’ve contributed their food thoughts here. Keep ’em coming!

It can get pretty lonely over on my side of the monitor. Yes, I know what my stats say and they tell me exactly how many of you come by to devote a small part of your day with me, to listen to me blather on about my ongoing obsessions. I’m grateful.

But you know what? Even though this blog is about me and what I think about, I want to know about YOU — I want to hear from YOU. We can all get too reticent at times and frankly, the silence is starting to creep me out.

So, here’s what we’re going to do this week to assuage my current uninspired state and so that we fill up the Comments section for once. Tell me who you are — heck, tell me anything! and what you’re craving for right this minute.

PS: Obscenities will be deleted.
PPS: Want an avatar so that your comment will look even cooler? Mine is a photo showing my side profile. Grab one here.

I’ll start: I’m Lori, incurable dessert lover and I want my chocolate. NOW.

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