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Your Turn To Talk

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I’ve decided that for this week, I’d like to hear YOU talk for once.

UPDATED on April 23, 2010: I’m super liking all these comments, everyone! Thanks to all who’ve contributed their food thoughts here. Keep ‘em coming!

It can get pretty lonely over on my side of the monitor. Yes, I know what my stats say and they tell me exactly how many of you come by to devote a small part of your day with me, to listen to me blather on about my ongoing obsessions. I’m grateful.

But you know what? Even though this blog is about me and what I think about, I want to know about YOU — I want to hear from YOU. We can all get too reticent at times and frankly, the silence is starting to creep me out.

So, here’s what we’re going to do this week to assuage my current uninspired state and so that we fill up the Comments section for once. Tell me who you are — heck, tell me anything! and what you’re craving for right this minute.

PS: Obscenities will be deleted.
PPS: Want an avatar so that your comment will look even cooler? Mine is a photo showing my side profile. Grab one here.

I’ll start: I’m Lori, incurable dessert lover and I want my chocolate. NOW.

143 Responses to “Your Turn To Talk”

  • Hi! I’m April (friends call me Aji) and I love trying out the places you review here. My staff always compliments me with my resto choices. They think I’m an awesome foodie. They don’t know you’re my secret weapon. And I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATES! I’m actually a chocolate snob. Hehehe.


  • Hello Lori. I’m Kass. I spent the last half of 2007 going through your archives and now I’m current. Hahaha…

    Right now I would like a piece of warm pandesal slathered with butter followed by a wedge of chilled, juicy cantaloupe. Just recovered from illness and my tastebuds are still out of whack – your blog feeds me vicariously, though! Hehehehe…


  • Hi Lori! I’m Ros, a major foodie and someone attempting to become a blogger. If I finally have the discipline to be on a diet…my diet would be: eat only when I travel!


  • Hi! I’m Pauline, and it’s my first time here in your site, though I’ve read loads about it in newspapers. I’m a student and certified foodie and right now, I’m on a mission to eat in all restaurants in Robinson’s Place Manila. :) I’m craving for Japanese or a good carbonara dish right now (with lots of bacon). Yum!:)


  • Hi Lori, I’m Catz, frustrated foodie and travel geek. I want loads of chocolate right now, ice cream and cake.


  • I’m Gabbie. And I seem to be obsessed with Golden Syrup ever since buying 10 tins of Lyle’s Golden Syrup from the UK. and now, with all those 10 tins emptied im on golden syrup panic mode…… I CANT FIND ANY IN MANILA!!!!

    P.S. Lori, YOU ROCK!!


  • hi Ms. Lori, Im Elaine, a nonstop wanderer and engineer with a 24/7 desire to lose weight and sweet tooth at the same time. pretty hard.
    Im craving for Sugar Munch chocolate Moist right now. I hope you can try that once you are in Davao:-)
    *oh,if you come by Davao, I’ll be more than glad to join you in your food quest*:-)


  • I’m John… I love truffle and truffle infused stuff… I love truffle chocolate! Uber deadly sugar but so worth it!

    Thanks for this portion Lori, In some way somehow we get to know each other ^_^



  • Hahaha… better late than never, eh?

    Anyway, I’m Taina! Dunno know if you remember, but I’m one of the UST students who interviewed you last… January at Alexandre. I’m not sure if you realized how much the interview affected us; we just spent hours walking around Taguig and waxing philosophical about life, food, choices and future dreams! You inspired us so much then, and you still do. :) (We go back to Alexandre now and then. :D)

    We ranked 2nd in the competition (not whining here; but our the client was pretty traditional, and our proposal was a bit radical haha), but I think I can safely say we were the crowd’s favorite.

    Anyway! My sister and I look up to you, and I swear, once I get out of college I’m going to get myself a pad armed to the teeth with all the necessary arsenals for baking/cooking (I blame this all on you as well. Hee. ?)

    Well to sum me up: I AM A CHOCOLATE JUNKIE. I will surely die of diabetes. I’ve no regrets!

    A question: do you ever make Boo one of those cute Japanese bento lunches?


  • My name is Frenchy, a long time lurker of your blog. I love anything with chocolate.. anything! I can have them as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also love those stuff that are always mixed with chocolate like vanilla, peanut butter, nuts, creams, coffee, banana, cherries, strawberries, oats, caramel and more. But I’m not too fond of white chocolate, I don’t even consider it as chocolate.

    Love this blog but I still don’t understand why you don’t like mousse and souffles. :)


    Lori Reply:

    Hi Frenchy,
    I explain my dislike for mousse and souffles in my post, Desserts I DON’T Like.



  • Hi Lori, call me M. I’m a newly wed food lover, long time food blogger lurker, loves to find good restos, enjoys cooking and a frustrated baker.

    more power!


  • hi im jordan. im a dessert enthusiast. i love my dessert more than my entree, from the rich and bold yet simple taste of chocolates, the wonderful explosion of flavors from fruits to the wild and adventurous touch of spices and herbs. reminds me of the goat’s cheese cake with strawberry chili sauce with basil ice cream i made in school. it sounds pretty off but it did work for me… your blog has been my source of information as to where i can find those hard to find fabulous dessert places in the philippines… thank you…


  • Hi. I’m Philip Nazareno. I’m a lawyer by profession, a food writer by hobby (when I have the time), and a foodie by passion.

    I crave for SUSHI and SASHIMI all the time.


  • I’m Jill, a 20 year old student from Iloilo. I just started my formal food blog this year & I would kill for a great breakfast buffet when I wake up tomorrow :)


  • i just want to say i love ur blog! how candid and “real” your posts are :) plus the divine food! i always follow ur blog along with anton’s (OAP). Anyway, Im also an avid food blogger and I made a review of patchi chocolate nakita ko kasi yung choco photo sa blog post na to :) more power!


    Lori Reply:

    Thanks so much, Shan, Eric, Carina, and Smarla!



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