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Four Pies O’ Mine

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Spaghetti Pie, Roasted Tomato & 3-Cheese Quiche, Browned Butter Macadamia Pie, and Salted Chocolate-Caramel Pie. Drooling, yet?

My editor’s task for me is simple: make four pies inspired by the movie, “Waitress.” (And if you, food lover you, haven’t watched that movie yet then get to it). Frankly, I could’ve made more than four. Pie inspires after all. There are also precious few activities I find, that are as reliably pleasurable as making things with my hands. And how I love to bake, truly I do.

I love the way the fleur de sel salt crystals glisten atop my Salted Chocolate-Caramel Pie

So on one still-cool day when morning slips into noon, FOOD magazine’s editor-in-chief Micky Fenix, its creative director Pie (yes, that’s his name, really) David, and I hold the shoot at my house with my pies. Of course we’ve got Pat Mateo there, one of my absolute favorite photographers to work with. I’m a great fan of his no-nonsense, minimalist approach to taking food shots and his killer sense of humor.

Spaghetti Pie, something for kids but which we adults demolished
Roasted Tomato & 3-Cheese Quiche. In the magazine, there’s a drool-worthy picture of a slice of this.

Micky throws me for a loop however when she tells me that I’m going to be IN the photos. Ack! I’m barefaced save for a swipe of lipstick but I gamely give in, I do quite like hamming it up. So for the next half hour or so, I’m an obedient model to the directions given by Micky, Pat and Pie:
“Turn this way, Lori … oops, not too much!”
“Hold the pie with the mitts and then turn to Micky…”
“Okay, smile! Er, not that big a smile…” (I get this a lot. Seems my smile is almost always too big).

Of course the best part of the shoot is when we sit down to a pie lunch accompanied with the white wine that Micky brings for us. Ahhh, pies and wine and terrific conversation. See my piece on pies, incidentally, also the title of my article and the recipes in the March issue of FOOD magazine which is all about pies and pastry.

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