For My Valentine, 12 7 Foods To Fall In Love With: A croissant I can’t stop eating (4th of 12 7 parts)

Delifrance choc-walnut croissant

I trashed Delifrance’s croissant a few years back. And here I am now eating my words and their croissant – big time.

Note: I aim to finish off this list by Friday, Feb 12, 2010 because I also intend to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my Valentine. (Yes, I’m a huge proponent of Feb 14). So, 12 posts / 5 days = 2.4 posts/day. Okay, so I was out of my mind when I attempted to do 12 posts in 5 days. (whacking forehead) I’ve whittled it down to 7 posts in 5 days. The rest will follow next week.

Delifrance fared poorly in my Croissant Contest a few years back. So it’s a great irony that I’m including it in this year’s list of LOVE-ly food for V-day. And no, no one wangled anything from me nor am I trying to suck up to anyone.

Delifrance’s croissant still flies in the face of what a croissant is – that is, croissant means “crescent” and theirs looks more like a bird in flight. But never mind that now. Stick a thick layer of chocolate, speckle it with crushed walnuts and I forget just why I quibbled so much. Chocolate? Walnuts? No brainer there. Plus, it’s flaky, toasty, and light – three qualities acquired by the briefest time spent inside a toaster make this croissant difficult to tear myself away from. To wit: I ate two, yes, 2 (!) just this morning. All by myself. Need I remind you that I don’t share my food.

Take these away from me lest I become one fat Valentine!


Chocolate Walnut Croissant
A luscious crescent shaped, golden layered pastry, oozing with chocolate and walnuts
Single P89
Available at all Delifrance outlets

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