For My Valentine, 12 7 Foods To Fall In Love With: A cinnamon roll worth its frosting (3rd of 12 7 parts)

Delifrance cinn rolls

When it comes to commercially available cinnamon rolls, most aren’t worth their dough, or mine. But here’s one that is.

Note: Note: I aim to finish off this list by Friday, Feb 12, 2010 because I also intend to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my Valentine. (Yes, I’m a huge proponent of Feb 14). So, 12 posts / 5 days = 2.4 posts/day. Okay, so I was out of my mind when I attempted to do 12 posts in 5 days. (whacking forehead) I’ve whittled it down to 7 posts in 5 days. The rest will follow next week.

From above, they look like cupcakes, evidence of that artfully piped swirl. But that’s no ordinary swirl and that’s no cupcake either. The swirl is that of vanilla custard and it crowns this cinnamon roll. Unlike a regular roll of this cinnamon-y sort, this one consists of layers of soft, soft dough coiled around a layer of nose-tingling cinnamon. When heated up in either the microwave or oven, the layers tend to collapse onto themselves, forming crevices into which the now-melted vanilla custard rosette pools into. It’s quite the arresting sight to see at breakfast.


Vanilla custard-frosted cinnamon swirls
Available at all Delifrance outlets
Single P49
Box of 6’s P245
Box of 12’s 450

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