Cookie Monster (DiscOVIries Winner 4)

cookie winner

I wonder if this winner would care to share her recipe with DCF readers?

Congratulations to Mai Mai Lim, the cookie monster of DiscOVIries by Nokia Week 4: What’s Your Favorite Cookie?

She calls her winning cookie entry, Flatsos.
“Thinnest and chewiest cookies ever. I found this cookie recipe by accident and these have been my favorite since then. These cookies are so delicate and the taste has the perfect combination of sweetness and saltiness. I made this batch today and had them with dulce de leche ice cream. I died and went to heaven.”

View Mai Mai’s photo as well as all the other cookie entries from Week 4 on my Ovi channel.

Mai Mai:  I’ve sent you an email through your OVI account regarding the details of claiming your prize.

Thanks so much to all of you who joined DiscOVIries Week 4! I look forward to seeing the cheesiest photos for Week 5!

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