Finally, Yogurt That Can’t Be Poured

yogurt and rolled oats

Yesterday, real milk and today, still discoursing on dairy — yogurt, this time.

Speaking of  more natural foods like unprocessed milk, I find pour-able yogurt to be very unnatural. I’m tired of banal, water-thin liquids parading as good-for-you yogurts that tout their live active cultures count but whose ingredient lists are inundated with thickeners and additives. Those yogurt drinks and yogurt cups with a fruit bottom or top are horrid too.

Just like skim and nonfat milk, yogurt is something I tolerate because it’s “good for me.” But I always wonder why the foods that are supposedly healthy taste so ill? One day, as I’m picking up my weekly bottle of REAL milk from Rizal Dairy Farms at Market! Market!, I spy a label so startling that I let out a small scream. There in bold letters are the words: Greek Yogurt.

Greek yogurt

Ohmygod!Ohmygod!Ohmygod! Can this really be true? Fearing that what I’m seeing may be a mirage, I whip open the chiller door and grab the package. My hands close around the container, its plastic exterior quickly forming beads of condensation under the torrid heat pulsating from my excited body to my limbs. After paying just a little over P120 for it, I clutch it to my heart and then proceed to break a road law or two driving home. Spoon! I need a spoon!

Contrary to widespread notion, real yogurt is neither low-fat nor low calorie. As old as either wine or bread, real yogurt is made from whole (usually unhomogenized) milk that’s been reduced to enrich the yogurt. Together with the addition of a (yogurt) starter, the process results in a thick stick-a-spoon-in-it texture. And that’s what this Greek Yogurt is: more than just thick and spoonable, it’s a divine incarnation of the freshest milk in soured form. Tangy with overtures of creaminess, it’s all I can do not to drown the whole thing with honey and down it. I even go so far as to flip the container upside down, the way they do it for the Blizzards at Dairy Queen. It’s like sludge through and through.

spoonful of yogurt

Since I discover Rizal Dairy Farms’ Greek Yogurt, it’s now a mainstay in my refrigerator. A few things I make with it are baba ghanoush, muesli, and for breakfast, I top languorous scoops on my homemade granola or breakfast couscous with a dried fruit compote. For a snack, I drizzle a portion with truffled honey and a smattering of roasted nuts. Who knew that sour yogurt could make life so sweet?

Rizal Dairy Farms
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