For Now

pomegranate 073

I thought that I could continue to be quiet, it’s been over a month and a half since my last post. But certain people, those who read this blog regularly, have started to wonder and worry – “Is everything alright, Lori?”

I’ll be as I always am with you, straightforward. I’m dealing with something that requires urgency and my absolute attention. Thus, the sporadic posts and even the quiet inactivity that seems to be more the norm these days on this blog.

Understand that I’m being deliberately vague, I can’t really say much right now. But once I can, I’ll tell you what I’ve been going through.

The light is still shining brightly here on Dessert Comes First and you can expect some posts from me, just not very often for now. At my core, I’m an unrepentant food lover and I still have many food stories to share. I like hearing from you and you can still get in touch with me through the Contact button up on top.

Hear from me soon,


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