Flirtations at Food & Flair

A peek into what awaits you at my Food & Flair event this weekend.

vegan sweets_The Little Spatula

Sweet treats from The Little Spatula.
The first and only wholesome, good-for-me desserts I’ve come across that I actually like.
From top to bottom:
Skinny Monkey Muffins (flourless, dairy-free & butter-free)
London Lemon Loaf (100% whole grain, low in fat)
Midnight Sea Salt Brookies (wholegrain)
Cocoanut Bliss Balls (vegan, paleo, gluten, sugar, grain & dairy-free)
Paleo Friendly Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf (low carb & low sugar)


“Unboring” chinaware from Live Like It’s Friday. A fun and quirky line of meriendaware that I love from artist and baker, Meggy de Guzman. Featured in photo from upper left and clockwise: The Paper Plate, Dirty Ice Cream Cup, Styro Cup, Spoon Stirrer, Napkin Saucer.


My macarons of choice are made by Meryl Go of Alchemy. Manila’s best macarons and I do mean BEST.

Apple Crumble + Queso de Bola Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes that are a departure from the ordinary by Des Castro of Teaspoon Desserts. Pictured: Apple Crumble Cheesecake and Queso de Bola Cheesecake.

Il Ponticello porchetta

Il Ponticello cannoli

What lechon wants to be: Porchetta as only Il Ponticello can do. They’ll also be serving their new spicy version of this. In addition, there’s Cannoli, the filling of which will be piped on the spot.

Ube Leche Flan Cake

Ube-Leche Flan Cake from Anne Atanacio of Anghelica’s Desserts. During baking, the two layers switch places, as if by magic. Anne will also be offering Dulce Queso Mammon, Baklava de Kasuy, and Polvoron con Queso de Bola among other Filipino-themed fascinations.

These are just some of the flirtations awaiting you at Food & Flair. There are more.

Entrance to this event is FREE and everyone is invited! Hope to see you there.


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