On Valentine’s Day, The Desserts You Desire

At the pre-production meeting, the Magnum team tells me, “Our peg for this shoot is, we want to ‘Lori-fy’ our upcoming Valentine’s Day desserts.” To me, that means sexy and dramatic – because that’s what food is. Yield to this pair of dessert desires and so too, will your Valentine’s Day be.

Magnum Cafe-Make My Heart Melt

The Rated-R (for Ravaging) Dessert
It beguiles you, as you know a Valentine dessert should. A chocolate dome, dark dappled with white, concealing a mystery.

Suddenly, a server materializes, grasping a gravy bowl. Gold gleams from within. Without warning, the server steadily, skillfully tilts the bowl. From out the spout cascades caramel, it caresses the top of the chocolate dome before dripping down its sides. Surrendering to the warmth of the sauce, the dome falls inward, revealing the mystery:

A Magnum bar gilded in chocolate, dark decadence. Beside it, strawberries provide pops of color, love in bloom. Beneath, bolstering all, a slab of flourless cake. It glimmers amongst pools of caramel and chocolate, dark and light, dense and dreamy.

Meld all the components into one spoonful, counterpoints they are to one another. Now Taste. Indulge.

And Love.

Magnum Cafe-Valentines Menu2

The I Want You Dessert

Three Magnum bars cloaked in a trio of chocolates – milk, white, and dark – sheathed in an assortment of sprinkles, toppings that tantalize.

Heart sprinkles and pink marshmallows: playful and light-hearted.

White chocolate pearls: for clarity of intention. Because it doesn’t get any clearer than “I Love You.” Or, “I Want You.”

Lastly, red velvet crumble and caramel chocolate pieces: darkly powerful impacts of flavor.

Now, bite: creamy and cool with diversions of crunch and texture. Because love, like life, is dynamic, never static.

Be it 1-4-3, I Love You, or Be Mine Forever, this dessert is mine.

* Photos here shot in the Dessert Comes First PhotoStudio. #DCFPhotoStudio.


Both desserts available beginning Friday, February 13, 2015.
Magnum Café
5/F SM Aura, Taguig.

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