The Biggest Candy Bar You’ll Ever Eat

The gift to give your significant other for Valentine’s Day.

giant Twix 042 (1)
Forget the label, it’s 2.3 kilos. And yes, don’t care about the calories in a bar of this size.

Nothing succeeds like a superlative, thus: best, hottest, smallest, and in this exceptional case, BIGGEST. Sisters Genine and Plum Garcia of The Cake Shack, seem to be all about superlatives. Their famed Rainbow Cake landed on my list of 2014’s Best Desserts (superlative there); and now, here’s the largest (superlative alert) chocolate bar I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting — and eating.

It seems like fate because it mimics the cult favorite, Twix, my absolute favorite candy bar. Nothing meek about it at all, it makes a massive impression and one word immediately springs to mind: monster. Followed by another: weapon. Weighing in at an impressive 2.3 kilos, it’s large enough to feed the chocolate bar beast in me, plus a few more of my sugar sisters. And yes, it’s heavy enough to inflict some severe head trauma too.

giant Twix 042 (2)

“A good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and she’s a huge fan of Twix,” Genine recounts, “so instead of giving her a cake, I wanted to give her a gigantic Twix bar.” It’s a challenging undertaking as Genine had never tempered chocolate before, and as she details the process to me, it truly boggles the mind. It’s an elaborate plan that involves two phases – the packaging, which includes creating candy bar molds, and preparing the candy wrapper that includes two types of foil, gold and aluminum.

The next phase is the actual baking that comprises the biscuit layer; the caramel (“Sometimes the caramel acts up, I once had to make it four times in one day!”); molding and unmolding the candy bars; and then smothering them in almost a kilo (!) of tempered Callebaut chocolate. When all is set, the bars are wrapped up “…like a gift! This is the fun part ‘cause it starts to look like an actual Twix bar, only a hundred times the size!” Says Genine.

The bar’s appeal is ample and so is its appearance which is strikingly similar to the original. But does it taste like a Twix bar? No, it doesn’t because really, nothing will come close to a Twix bar. That fact however, doesn’t take anything away from this colossal candy.

giant Twix 042 (3)

Once confronted with it, I urge you to let it come to room temp or you may run the danger of cracking a tooth and/or ruining your expensive dental work. Cut the bar into manageable pieces but if you’re a rebel like me, cradle the bar like a baby and gnaw away. Twix or not, this is a damn close facsimile, and on Valentine’s Day, it’s all about impressing the one you love. And isn’t it true that size matters too?


Giant Faux Twix by The Cake Shack
Available in two sizes :
P3,200 – 2.3kg (seen in my photos)
P1,500 – 900g
Allow 3-5 days’ lead time.
0947 616-5065 (9am-6pm only)

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