Gifts For The Food Lover, Gift #10 : A Chewy Cookie That Stays Chewy

Note: This is my annual Christmas list of gifts for the food lover, incredible edibles and a few that aren’t meant to be eaten. As the holidays approach, I hope that you find something here that will gladden the hearts (and stomachs) of the foodies on your gift list, including you.

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There’s no shortage of cookies that are divine fresh out of the oven. But give them a few days, heck, even a few hours, and the glory of these little sweets diminishes. The chewy cookie that remains chewy is more elusive, one of those Holy Grails of the dessert world.

I think I may have found it, however.

Aly's Cookie Bar - chocolate chip cookies

Alyssa Arellano’s eponymous baking business, Aly’s Cookie Bar, is the fount of my chewy cookie fantasies. My first flirtation with her cookies is the Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies made with Callebaut. “[It] came about because I wasn’t satisfied with just a ‘normal’ chocolate chip cookie, I wanted something more rich,” she says by way of an explanation. I like the way this girl thinks. The sweets come individually wrapped in plastic: tear it open and the air is suddenly aromatic – and intoxicating. The cookie’s deeply chocolate flavor is bolstered by brown and white sugars and surprisingly, it’s not too sweet.

Aly used to make cupcakes but stuck to cookies when she noticed how saturated the market was. She makes cookies “…with my own recipes and different flavors that I crave for. As funny as this sounds, some of my flavors originate in my dreams: I wake up sometimes thinking, ‘Oh, I want this type of cookie…’ then I try experimenting on it until I get it right.” Bourbon Butterscotch Pecan is one of those chunky affairs with barely enough batter to keep everything together. Some people might think the butterscotch slightly overwhelming, so if you waver on this flavor, best to focus on the others, such as this one:

The Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip is Aly’s answer to this forever favored flavor. Tiny pools of caramel are striation on a surface pocked with coarse grains of salt and molten mounds of chocolate. These are like the Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies above but with the rapture level ratcheted up. God help me.

So what makes Aly’s cookies remain chewy, even after days of sitting on my kitchen counter? I think the individually wrapped ones are a fluke and then she gifts me with the latter two variants on the plate that you see in the photo and they are unwrapped. I transfer them to my cookie jar and there they remain for the remainder of the week, moist and moreish and yes, chewy. How does she do it? Aly replies, “A whole lot of love and premium ingredients.”

But I know it can’t be that easy. I’m just glad I’ve finally found my chewy cookies of choice.


Aly’s Cookie Bar
0917 895 1015
Pack of 6 cookies ranges in price from P250-P320. Packs of 12: P495-P595.

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