Gifts For The Food Lover, Gift #7: Double Dips

Note: This is my annual Christmas list of gifts for the food lover, incredible edibles and a few that aren’t meant to be eaten. As the holidays approach, I hope that you find something here that will gladden the hearts (and stomachs) of the foodies on your gift list, including you.

In this series:
Gift #1: Something with Peanut Butter
Gift #2: Cookies for the Adults
Gift #3: Salads + Spreadable Edibles
Gift #4: A Christmas Bread
Gift #5: Fabulous, Flaky Pastries
Gift #6: Cookies + Milk
Gift #7: Double Dips
Gift #8: The Dessert Comes First book – Signed + FREE Shipping!
Gift #9: A Bounty of Bread
Gift #10: A Chewy Cookie That Stays Chewy

It sounds simple enough, a soft cheese flavored with herbs and paired with little toasts. But one couple has upped the ante and consequently, the addiction factor considerably.

King and Maia Fonacier are a couple whose love for food has gifted them with formidable kitchen skills. Their catering business, White Linen Catering, turns out some of the best Beef Belly I’ve had the pleasure of serving to my photography clients, and their Roasted Tomato Angel Hair Pasta is slurp-it-down good.

Boursin Spread

But it’s their Boursin with Toasts that started it all. They’ve taken this already moist and creamy French cheese and infused it with herbs and enough garlic to make it aromatic. Bits of black pepper pock the top, a pleasure for the first person who calls dibs on this dip. Drag a toast point into it and put it into your mouth. Because Boursin has cream added to it, that places it squarely in the triple-cream category, the reason why this dip melts in the mouth like ice cream. Bite down gently – ooh! – there goes the crisp complaint of the toast. Savor the savory sweetness and the afternote of acidity.

Though the provided toasts, with their inherently cheesy flavor, are more than adequate, I’ve seen people slather the dip onto bagels. In the absence of that, people have been known to scoop up the lavish sufficiency of the stuff with their fingers, mainlining it straight into their mouths.

Yes, it’s that good.

And because double-dipping is oh so devilish when you’re all alone, there’s another dip that the Fonaciers are known for. The Garden Salsa is for those who prefer some kick with their bite. Fine shavings of Pecorino cheese frolic in a pool of peppers, both green and red – how apropos for Christmas! And though you don’t see it, this slippery salve is roused by garlic and herbs to point up its piquancy. I’ve dipped almost everything into this Garden Salsa from the accompanying grilled baguette to rye toasts and even poured it over hot noodles. To my mind, the only thing I haven’t done is bathe in it, and even that option is already very tempting.

So go ahead and double dip with this set of double dips. You never know where you might spread these voluptuous imaginings.


King and Maia’s Recipes
Boursin with Toasts P300/box (approximately 200 grams). 600-gram portion in a ceramic bowl also available.
Garden Salsa P400/280 grams.
02 624 1887 / 0917 535 8037
Order 3 days in advance. Pick up in Pasig area.

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