Gifts For The Food Lover, Gift #6: Cookies + Milk

Note: This is my annual Christmas list of gifts for the food lover, incredible edibles and a few that aren’t meant to be eaten. As the holidays approach, I hope that you find something here that will gladden the hearts (and stomachs) of the foodies on your gift list, including you.

In this series:
Gift #1: Something with Peanut Butter
Gift #2: Cookies for the Adults
Gift #3: Salads + Spreadable Edibles
Gift #4: A Christmas Bread
Gift #5: Fabulous, Flaky Pastries
Gift #6: Cookies + Milk
Gift #7: Double Dips
Gift #8: The Dessert Comes First book – Signed + FREE Shipping!
Gift #9: A Bounty of Bread
Gift #10: A Chewy Cookie That Stays Chewy

Or, if you prefer, milk in cookies.

Cookie Bar  (1)

It’s a breathtaking time for my friend and cookie queen, Ivorie Acosta, of the now super-popular Cookie Bar. As a baker, she continues to innovate in all things cookie: from cookie cups (see photo above), cookie cakes, and cookie shooters.

If it’s a cookie creation, Cookie Bar’s got it cornered.

This past November 25 was a momentous date for Ivorie as Cookie Bar marked its fifth anniversary. “Would you believe it’s been that long, Lori? You were one of the first people I contacted in 2009 to try my products and you’ve been there all along!” Her excitement is palpable.

Cookie Bar  - new packaging

To mark the occasion, Cookie Bar is updating its look. “Our logo and packaging has changed into something more mature and elegant,” Ivorie explains. The collaboration with artist Monica Angeles has produced individually painted artwork that typifies the pleasures of home baking, from kitchen paraphernalia to finished product. The box is sleek and sturdy, the paper smooth; push and the inner section slides outward, proffering the pleasures within.

Cookie Bar  - gingerbread cookie shooters (1)

In this case, and because it’s Christmas, Ivorie presents a seasonal offering, gingerbread cookie shooters. Worry not that your senses will be swamped with spice, it’s really quite subtle and might I say, seductive. Cinnamon is the top note bolstered by hints of cloves and ginger lapped into submission with licks of white chocolate.

Cookie Bar  - gingerbread cookie shooters (2)

To be frank, I’m not a fan of cookie shooters. The appeal of pouring milk into these receptacles is lost on me –I don’t quite fancy nibbling and sipping simultaneously. But I can’t deny the beauty of the idea. So I’ll pour some milk into the shooter and let it sit a bit. Then I throw my head back and it’s bottoms up: downing the milk in one go, the creamy liquid now stained with spice and spicy suggestions. Then I’ll eat the shooter the way I eat all my cookies, nipping the edges until I get to the moist, chocolatey middle.

Heck of a cookie to mark the coming of Christmas.


Gingerbread Cookie Shooters by Cookie Bar.
A limited edition by Ivorie Acosta.
0917 5551228 / 02 984 7450
On Facebook: Cookiebarmanila
On Instagram: @cookiebarmanila

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