Gifts for the Food Lover, Gift #1: Something with Peanut Butter

Note: This is my annual Christmas list of gifts for the food lover, incredible edibles and a few that aren’t meant to be eaten. As the holidays approach, I hope that you find something here that will gladden the hearts (and stomachs) of the foodies on your gift list, including you.

In this series:
Gift #1: Something with Peanut Butter
Gift #2: Cookies for the Adults
Gift #3: Salads + Spreadable Edibles
Gift #4: A Christmas Bread
Gift #5: Fabulous, Flaky Pastries
Gift #6: Cookies + Milk
Gift #7: Double Dips
Gift #8: The Dessert Comes First book – Signed + FREE Shipping!
Gift #9: A Bounty of Bread
Gift #10: A Chewy Cookie That Stays Chewy

You already know that peanut butter is my weakness. Give me a sweet slathered in it and it almost always brings me to my knees. Now give me two of my favorite things – chocolate for decadence and peanut butter for passion – then a dessert that combines the two would be intoxicating.

brownie oreo 038

Sweet Oreos Peanut Butter is a rather nondescript name for a sweet that’s anything but. It looks like an unfrosted chocolate cupcake but is really a brownie, one of those dessert hybrids: a cookie within a cookie. In this case, an Oreo within a brownie. The concept alone makes my heart skip a beat.

Bite or slice it in half, and look at the licks of peanut butter layered between Oreos. I bite down and dwell on the dessert’s chewy density – a muted sweetness echoing in the earthiness of peanut butter cloaked in the darkness of chocolate.

Sweet Oreos Peanut Butter speaks of its creator’s whimsy. 20-something baker Bianca Samar of Sweet Bite by Bianca tells me that the “… lack of desserts near my workplace [motivates] me to think of something unique or crazy I can bake for my officemates and myself to chow down on.” Apparently, there are other combinations aside from the Oreo-peanut butter. There’s also Sweet Oreos Nutella, Demi S’mores, Bombshell, and The Rock. Intriguing all though I’ve not tried them, yet truly representative of flavors that the young baker describes as “… flavors inspired by my favorite desserts with an uncommon twist.”

The other sweets that I have tried however, are the Kinky Scarlet, painfully sweet red velvet crinkles encasing even sweeter cream cheese. Then there are also the Revelious Bars, a creative name for an uncreative and boring little sweet, regardless of who makes it.

Stick to the Sweet Oreos Peanut Butter and get back to me on its other versions.

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