The Magnum Mini

Small satiates.

Sometimes commitment can be a drag. Even when it comes to food.

See, I’ve got to commit to a certain number of calories I can eat in a day, beyond that and it starts to show. Exercise can only do so much and I refuse to wear what I eat, my female vanity won’t allow it.

But denial makes me dull and depriving myself of dessert is destructive to my creativity. What to do? I can’t commit to an entire slice of cake and besides, if I can’t have the whole thing, then I’ll have none of it at all. Not only am I no good at commitment, I’m also lousy at living moderately.

But I think I’ve finally found something I can commit to, a daily dessert treat that won’t send my calorie allotment toppling over the edge.

Magnum Mini 062

Behold, the Magnum Mini. It’s roughly half the size of a standard Magnum and with less than half the calories. It sounds almost too good to be true: the same crackly coating, Belgian chocolate flavor, and vanilla bean ice cream … with half the guilt?

Magnum Mini 015

It’s a dessert dream come true, and I get to pick a pleasure I can have whenever.  What shall I have today? Magnum Mini Almond or Magnum Mini in Classic, Almond, or Brownie?  (2 of each flavor in a box of 6).

Magnum Mini 028

The best part of it all is that the calorie count of a Magnum Mini keeps me committed to my daily calorie allotment. While the standard Magnum Almond is 280 calories, the Mini Magnum Almond is only 100 calories. Yes, believe it! (The Mini Magnum Classic and Mini Magnum Brownie is 110 and 120 calories, respectively).

Magnum Mini 053

The Magnum Mini. Small size, huge satisfaction. Now, who says dessert isn’t part of a balanced diet?


Magnum Mini in Almond and Assortment of 3.
Now available at large supermarkets and convenience stores.
SRP: P200/box of 6.

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