Kitchenware Love

I’m addicted to all things kitchenware, but I have an unabashed obsession with three things in particular: glassware, spatulas, and measuring spoons. Here’s a peek into my kitchen drawers (and shelves).

bottles 021

These are some of my favorite bottles and jars that adorn my kitchen and living room. I love them all equally and I can tell you where they came from and which country I bought them in.

bottles 032

bottles 050

In their past lives, they were vessels for milk, sake, ginger beer, wine, and chocolate vodka. With the other glasses and jars, I either bought or begged for them to be “bequeathed” to me. I’ll also admit to buying a bottle purely on the basis of attraction.

seashell measuring spoons

These seashell motif measuring spoons were a gift from my mom. They’re so pretty that I don’t use them in my kitchen. Instead, I wear them as pendants. If you’ve seen my book, this is what I’m wearing in the author photo on the inside cover.

shortbread mold

These are my odd-sized measuring spoons: pinch, 1/8, 2/3, 1½, and 2 teaspoons. This “Pinch” spoon caused quite a stir in my post on Make Your Own Cookie Butter. The spoons are propped on my ceramic shortbread mold, one of my favorite pieces of bakeware.

baking pans

And speaking of bakeware, here’s just a fraction of my bakeware cabinet. I went through a period where I was delirious for Bundt pans, thus the wild assortment. And because I used to have a cheesecake business, that explains the numerous springform pans; there are plenty more you don’t see nested inside the ones that are visible here.

cake servers

Because I bake, serve, and eat a lot of cake, I have a variety of cake servers. I’m more inclined to the quirky ones with lots of character. The psychedelic print cake knife you see in the front is something I picked up on my travels. I’m always on the lookout for cake knives because there don’t seem to be too much of them.

measuring cups

My very first set of measuring cups that I used when I was 10. I still have them. For nostalgia’s sake.

kitchenware drawer

Because I believe in being organized, everything has its place in my kitchen. Sometimes. This is my lone kitchen drawer that serves as a catch-all for the miscellaneous.

I’d love to know what you treasure in your kitchen. Write them down in the Comments section.

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