What Happens in A Month

Hey girl, what’cha been up to?

Observant readers of this blog will notice that the icons for Facebook and Twitter have been removed from the “Follow Us” section on the right sidebar. This was done sometime during the past summer, a move that I didn’t announce on this space. I cancelled the Dessert Comes First page on Facebook and Twitter because I realized that the two venues weren’t effective channels for me. I do, however, find that Instagram proves to be a very relevant platform for the things I have to say.

This year, specifically, I find that my words aren’t coming as easily as they used to. So my photos are saying everything – visually – that I can’t seem to say verbally. August has been quite the challenging month for me and the quieter it is on DCF, the more hectic my life is.

Given that, I thought it’d be interesting to share some of the things that I’ve been up to recently.

Ayala shoot

Ayala collage-001
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Ayala shoot (28)

Here are two pages from the Ayala magazine travelogue that the malls have published to promote the upcoming Great Escapes tours. The places I mention in my Favorite Places To Eat are all included in my Dessert Tour next month. Some people have asked me, “Why should I join your tour if I can just go to those places in my own time?” My reply: “Because new desserts will be debuting at those places during the tours. Plus, we’re having a cupcake decorating activity at Sonja’s and an aroma-taste dessert exercise at Bizu. Lastly, I’m signing copies of my book and you’ll be with fellow dessert lovers. Good times!” Tickets are still available, so email me!

Magnum Café shoot

Magnum shoot (3)

Magnum shoot (6)

A few weeks later, I moved from in front of the camera to behind the camera. This is only the second establishment that I’ve shot professionally for and I’m stoked and honored that it was for Magnum Café. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and truth be told, it was such a treat to have someone cook and style the food and hold my reflectors. When I shoot in my home studio, I do all those things myself and I’ve often wished that I had eight arms. You’ll be able to see the photos I shot for Magnum Café when they launch their new menu in September.

To drink or not to drink?

Coke 033

Coke sent me these personalized bottles with my name and that of my Bin’s. Under #ShareACoke, the drinks came with a very nice note, and I’m thrilled to have these. Now, I’m debating whether I should actually drink the Cokes or just tuck them away for posterity…

Blessed boards

cheese board

My mom says that I have the perfect house for hosting because it’s big and bright, and there’s an open kitchen that faces the dining room. Earlier this month, she hosted a prayer meeting at my home and said she wanted to serve tapas. So we made a finger food selection, loading two boards with cheeses and prosciutto that she brought from her trip to Spain. Mom also added some olives stuffed with Marcona almonds. My contributions were the walnuts and dried fruit and my mismatched assortment of dessert plates (because I don’t believe in matching plates). The balut in the upper left may be somewhat misplaced, but they went well with the tapas. (Yes, I eat balut).
PS: I think I’m relatively adept at working SLRs, but for the life of me, I stink at taking photos with my iPhone. Hello, shaky hands!

Spiral buffet - wine

Tapas at Sofitel

Spiral buffet - cheese

I’ve never had the buffet at Spiral because I’m not a fan of buffets. When I found myself at Sofitel over the weekend however, I’m so enticed by the Cheese atelier that I want to try that and only that. Fortunately, my friend Jose, and I were told of the Tapas option: choose from 2, 4, or 6 choices from the various Ateliers (stations). We did, in addition to a tasting flight of three white wines, all for just over P2,000++/person.

Spiral buffet - desserts

It’s impressive and I’m grateful for this option, especially if you – like me – wouldn’t be able to do justice to Asia’s longest buffet. BUT: the wines were flat, typical of bottles that have been sitting around opened for some time, and the dessert atelier is an outright disappointment, even in the actual buffet itself. But the Cheese and Charcuterie selections are wonderful. Go for those but spring for a bottle of (unopened) wine.

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