Dessert Tour Tickets On Sale Today, And Here’s What’s On The Menu

Here are the sweets that await dessert lovers on my dessert tours.

Myron's bread pudding

Some secrets are too sweet to keep to oneself, and desserts are best when shared, so here’s the menu for my dessert tours. See which ones sing their siren song to you. These selections are a combination of classic favorites and new offerings that will make their debut during the tours. Also included are some fun activities and most of the establishments’ chef-owners will be on hand to hang out with us.

September 6 & 20, 1.30-5.30pm : Glorietta
Meeting place: Palm Drive Concierge

  • Café Shibuya

– Cheddar Cheese Dessert Toast + Ghirardelli Salted Caramel Mocha

  • Cupcakes by Sonja

– Dessert Comes First cupcake + Premium Hot Chocolate + decorate your own cupcake activity

  • New Zealand Creamery

– Thick shake or 2 big ice cream scoops of choice (to take away while walking to our next stop)

  • Mochi Cream

– Baumkuchen (a unique layered cake from Germany), + Matcha float garnished with red beans and Chantilly cream

  • Mad Mark’s

– Liquid cheesecake (yes, really) + Affogato

September 7 & 21, 1.30-5.30pm :  Greenbelt
Meeting place: Greenbelt 3 Concierge

  • Café Breton

– Gwenn ha du crepe (raclette cheese enclosed in a crepe and slathered with black cherry preserves) + Vodka Calamansi slush

  • Café Mary Grace

– Marian Mocha (chiffon cake filled with amaretto custard) + Limone Santi (a riff on lemon cream pie)

  • Bizu

Flavor+taste experience (can’t say anymore about this) + the following Dessert Sampler featuring all five major taste sensations:
Sweet: Bizu Strawberry Chiboust
Sour: Petit Lemon Tart
Salty: Caramella – Caramel Truffle with Fleur de Sel
Bitter: Dark Chocolate Soufflé
Savory: Blue Cheese Macaron
Afterwards, a take home gift for participants: the Lori Truffle or Lori Mendiants.

  • Classic Confections

– Classic Banana Cream Pie + Dulce de Leche Cake + Toffee-Almond nuggets

  • Myron’s Place

– Bread Pudding (the best in all of Manila) + Iced Chocolate Kahlua (you’ve got to taste this to believe it).

So there you have it! I think this should settle all debate, discussions, and decision making. Tickets are P1,600 each per person per date. The ticket price covers all desserts in either Glorietta or Greenbelt. Please click here for more ticket details.

For any more questions, please ask them in the Comments form. I really hope to see you on my dessert tours!

Dessert Comes First dessert tour-800

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