Advocating Avocados, Circa 2014

Eight years ago in 2006 – my god, has DCF really been around that long??! – I wrote a post about avocados. I’m puzzled as to why I haven’t written a repeat in the time since, but now is a better time than any; I’ve been eating a lot of this fruit.

My mom has an avocado tree in her garden, the reason for the surplus. They’re large and lush, their insides so buttery and firm that I have a bizarre desire to rub them all over myself. Since the fruits are allowed to fully ripen on the tree, they’re better than their supermarket counterparts; it’s always a guessing game of the ripeness on those ones.

Times and tastes have changed since I wrote my first avocado post. Back then, I was all about sweet avocado preparations, and attempting to get a handle on handling a camera – rest in peace, my dear Canon Powershot G2.

Fast forward eight years later, and I now prefer savory avocado dishes of which I’m better able to photograph, I believe.

I eat avocados raw and naked (hmm, something’s not right with that sentence), almost bereft of anything except for a hit of coarse sea salt and generous glugs of an unfiltered Italian olive oil. Here are photos of my avocado lunches on various days, iterations of avocado on toast. There’s nothing to it really, and I don’t even have to give you a recipe: just mash up the avocado, slap it on toast, sprinkle of salt, squirt of olive oil, and it’s a power meal, nutritious and tasty. I can’t ask for more.

avocado toast (1)

Avocado + thickly sliced whole wheat bread + calamansi marmalade + fried egg. My take on a savory-sweet-salty combo. Silken, sultry love.

avocado toast

I arrive home one day with the appetite of an animal. Still wanting avocados, I prepare a slice of one and decorate it with some arugula leaves languishing in my chiller. I rummage for a tomato and find a tiny one. Lunch! But oh, wait … this looks nice … must take a photo. So I rush to my window, position my plate, grab a diffuser, and shoot. Not all of my photos can be preen-worthy but oh, how we try.

avocado toast (3)

On some days, especially when work is heavy, my lunches can be downright pathetic but that’s no excuse to eat poorly. My fridge is devoid of anything remotely interesting, and in dire need of being restocked. I’m neck deep in work and can’t stop but a growling stomach, like my lust for sweets, is dangerous to deny. So here’s my avocado toast for the day: a plain slice of Gardenia whole wheat bread grilled to unflattering flatness in my sandwich press (a mistake!) + avocado + leftover roasted tomatoes + a lone basil leaf I must’ve overlooked from the pesto I made last night. This toast looks so lonely that I grab a green glass just so that it can come close to attractive.


And just because I like to challenge myself by seeing how I can dramatize my food, here’s this post’s cover photo: an avocado slice that I licked with hollandaise sauce + peppercorns, black and pink.

I’m curious as to how you eat avocados. Let me know!

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