Getting A “Yummy Fix”

I’m spending a morning with my friend, Chef Bruce Lim, as a guest on an episode of Yummy Fix. The segment is part of the Electrolux DelightfulE Yummy web series, which is an online cooking show series sponsored by the leading appliance company. I actually started my career in TV so it’s great to get this chance to jump in front of the cameras again.

Today, we’re making Goat Cheesecake with Mango Topping, and if you read DCF regularly , you know this is my favorite dessert. Here’s a behind the scenes look at our shoot in the well-equipped Electrolux Kitchen. The link to the video we made is at the end of this post.

Electrolux 014

Electrolux 025

Trying to study the script while getting my make-up done.

Electrolux 042

It takes a village – and loads of equipment! – to get a show going.

Electrolux 064

Angling from up high to get that perfect shot.

Electrolux 048

“Bruce always gets a sweaty head,” makeup artist Aaron kids me as he swipes finishing powder on Bruce’s pate. “Hey Aaron, you missed a spot,” I joke.

Electrolux 056

Scanning the ingredients and the script one last time before cameras roll. We look like statues.

Electrolux 054

Things always look different when viewed through a camera.

Electrolux 109

Peering into the mixing bowl to see the batter.

Electrolux 121

“Yep, one more swipe with the spatula and that should do it!”

Electrolux 192

I’m chopping mangoes for the topping while Bruce gets the sugar syrup going.

Electrolux 143

Bruce and I have known each other for a few years so shooting the episode is quick and a lot of fun. We have to do re-takes of some segments and here, we’re debating whether I was on his left or right side during the initial take. On video, it’s all about continuity.

Electrolux 132
Control central.

Electrolux 256

So excited to sink my teeth into that cheesecake!

Electrolux 260

Here’s what we made!

I enjoy myself during the shoot and getting the chance to hang out with Bruce again. And I’m psyched to receive the following appliances from Electrolux:

Electrolux washing machine
9kg Top Load Washing Machine. Getting ready to wash my favorite apron.

Electrolux induction cooker

Portable Induction Cooker with an Induction Cooker pot included. That’s my lunch you see cooking.

Electrolux vacuum cleaner
Flexio II Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. I like how this appliance has real suction power but is so quiet at the same time.

Thanks again to Electrolux and Chef Bruce Lim for having me over to guest on their web series. And thanks to K, who shot the photos you see here.

To view the Yummy Fix video we shot, click here.

For a range of Electrolux products, see their website:

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