Breaking Boundaries, Beginning with Breakfast

In the same magazine where I began my career as a food writer, I make my debut as a stylist and photographer.

FOOD cover June 2014

In the latest issue of FOOD magazine, I’m described by the editors in the Contributors’ section: “… Beyond her passion for dessert, Lori is also a breakfast lover, as evident in her beautiful breakfast feature on page 41 where she’s chef, photographer, stylist, and writer!”

I’m uncomfortable calling myself a photographer since I’m just somebody who likes taking pictures of food to complement my written work. But in a conversation I have with veteran photographer Neal Oshima, about this very topic, he tells me, “Technically, anybody who picks up a camera and takes a picture is called a photographer. But the good photographers are those who really work hard at it.”

42-49 COV STORY BFAST 2 - FINAL-page-001
Well, that I do and I won’t deny it. So I’m very pleased to share with you now this 8-page spread I did for FOOD on my “10 Breakfast Favorites.” It’s the project I was referring to in my Behind The Scenes post last April. FOOD’s editor in chief, Nana Ozaeta, knows what a huge breakfast person I am, and since this is the big Breakfast issue, she asked me to do the piece. In addition to the writing, I also volunteered to do the cooking, styling, and shooting because I’m all about pushing myself harder and higher. These four facets are all things that I do anyway, having grown organically from the work I do for the blog.

empty plate
Remember this?

It became the best “I Like (Big) Sticky Buns” I ever made.

sticky buns

Remember this?

chopping chocolate

It became an exquisite cup of hot chocolate complete with whipped cream.

FOOD-hot chocolate

See both (and more!) of my favorite breakfast dishes in FOOD magazine. I also mention brands I love such as Mokaflor Coffee, Dorset Cereals, home bakers CRU Kitchen, Flour Girl, and more.

I’m ecstatic – and I’ll be honest, relieved! – that the FOOD team liked what I did. It’s a wildly different feeling seeing my work in print, both my words and now my cooking, styling, and photos. This four-pronged approach to my work is now part of my new direction, something I continue to work very hard at, and I’m honored it’s making its debut in the pages of this magazine.

My immense thanks go to the FOOD team: big boss Nana Ozaeta, Managing Editor Troy Barrios, and Associate Editor, Tin Samson.

So, I’m inviting you all to pick up a copy of FOOD’s June-July 2014 issue, available at all newsstands and bookstores. This issue’s all about Breakfast so if you’re a breakfast fan, it’s a can’t-miss!

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