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I miss writing about home bakers, and I start to get antsy when I haven’t featured one in a while. This website was founded after all, on shining a spotlight on this special group of people. But home bakers, the newer ones specifically, have somewhat unfortunately, gone the way of ramen and cookie shot glasses: there are too many of them and some of them have no business starting a business (yet).

Still, I remain optimistic because from out of the pastry boxes I pick through, I’m able to unearth some gems, like this one. Glenda Santos Guiang calls her baking business Sweet Thoughts Bakeshop. Her baking ability may be innate as her dad was a baker, consigning his products to the larger bakeshops when she was younger.

Years later, Glenda has come into her own, and after tinkering and tasting, she focuses on a layering of flavors in her desserts, something that truly works in her favor.

Irene+Sweet-Thoughts 166

Consider her Tripoli cupcake (P55). Glenda describes it as, “My ode to chocolate. I attempted to balance the moist devil’s food cake and white chocolate filling with the bittersweet dark chocolate frosting. It’s three kinds of pure, unadulterated chocolate that can comfort or gladden you, like the friend who will take your side when you’re in a pickle,” she chuckles. Bite it to see … and believe.

Irene+Sweet-Thoughts 124

Glenda has mastered the nuances of green tea, and her KitKat Matcha (P55) is outstanding proof of that. It’s soft and distinctively fragrant with hints of white chocolate, and I always save the green tea KitKat finger for last (what a treat!). This is one of the better cupcakes I’ve tried that focus on this flavor.

Irene+Sweet-Thoughts 133

Other great green tea sweets are Glenda’s Matcha Crinkles, a happy alternative to the traditional chocolate. Wrinkled and crinkled, they’re misted with powdered sugar and are addictively chewy. Today, they’re tender but harden as the days go by. They lean also to the sweeter side but that could be subjective.

Glenda waxes poetic as she tries to explain her creative mindset, “I love layers, different layers of flavors or textures that support or contrast a theme/experience. Like parts of a puzzle, pieces of a symphony, steps to an adventure…”

Irene+Sweet-Thoughts 142

And speaking of cookies, I wholeheartedly recommend the Chocolate Chip, and the Peanut Butter & Cocoa (both P200/dozen). Intriguing, shortbread-like texture and very crumbly, I get the munchies every time I look at them.


Sweet Thoughts Bakeshop by Glenda Santos Guiang
For inquiries and orders: 0905 353 5166
On Facebook: SweetThoughtsBakeshop
On Instagram: @sweetthoughtsbakeshop

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  • The “unadulterated-chocolate” part of the description! Speaking of crinkles here, I happened to discover the crinkles that can be bought at ADB in Ortigas! But its just so technically difficult to buy, you have to schedule a meeting or whatever to one of those employees to get inside. Anyway, if you know someone inside. Those crinkles are also chewy and has unadulterated chocolate flavor! :D


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