From Menu to Meal

My cravings are created while sitting at my desk trying to hammer out my next blog post. The situation isn’t helped any by the fact that I’m always thinking of and looking at food, both in front of me and on my monitor.


One of those places that fuels my fervor for food is, the website of my friends at San Miguel Pure Foods (SMPFC). I’ve worked on many projects with this illustrious food company – talks, baking demos, feature articles, etc., so I was thrilled when they recently relaunched their website.

My Great Food (MGF) is all about recipes. It’s a recipe portal that streamlines the menu planning process, serves as a repository for (favorite) recipes, and even provides recipe tutorials in the form of videos.

Recipes  My Great Food - Mozilla Firefox 422014 52930 PM

Plenty of recipe categories to entice appetite.


My favorite recipe category, natch!


A sample of a recipe page. This is one knockout dessert I want to try.

Create Meal Plan  My Great Food - Mozilla Firefox 422014 53321 PM

Weekly meal plans are a cinch to create with this easy how-to diagram.

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Hello, videos! Would’ja check out that Deep Fried Ramen!


Working on my meal plan for the week. Yeah, yeah, there’s too much dessert in there. (click to enlarge).


And what do we have here! Here’s my ChocNut Queso de Bola Cheesecake recipe that I created for a San Miguel Foods baking demo a few years ago. Another version of this (fabulous!) recipe appears in my book.

There are over 1,000 recipes on the MGF website, the best thing being that they’ve all been kitchen-tested, a rarity on most recipe portals. The website also has a feature that encourages virtual interaction (commenting, recipe exchange, etc.) because food is best shared, after all.

And there’s more. My Great Food is also a free mobile application, available on the App Store and Google Play.


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