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Tim Tams Too

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I know what Tim Tams are, of course. Chocolate biscuits sandwiching a cream filling, a decadence kept under cover of chocolate and where satisfaction lies not in the stomach but on the number of biscuits consumed.

These processed pleasures are so good and so dependable that I often wonder about the appeal in making homemade Poppycock popcorn, homemade Oreos, and oh what’s this now, homemade Tim Tams?

TimTam (1 of 3)

Yes, Tim Tams, the Peninsula Manila version. A product of the recently-concluded Celebrate Australia Festival held at the hotel, this little sweet proves so irresistible that it’s staying on.

They look like Tim Tams too, finger-long and fanciful, about three and a half inches long and an inch wide; a weight to wield also, each approximately 40 grams. Tempered chocolate skillfully applied, can’t hide the bumps bulging from beneath; a frisson of anticipation fills me, my mind pulses with possibilities. What could those bumps be? Naturally, I need to let go of any preconceived notions of what a Tim Tam tastes like. I step out of my way and take a bite.

TimTam (2 of 3)

A crrrack of chocolate, its coating giving way. A flash of darkness in flavor preceding a cascade of rice crisps in staccato – crunch!crunch!crunch! – fast they flit and flee flailing in a flood of hazelnut cream and again, chocolate. My mind catches up, it doesn’t recognize these as Tim Tams but then desire sweeps in, a deluge deleting all else… and finally, the aftertaste of longing.

If I eat these straight from the fridge, it’s firm like a regular Tim Tam; eat these at room temperature, the sweet crackles briefly, as if complaining, “What took you so long?” before being silenced by a sequence of smoothness: chocolate and hazelnut punctuated by subtle pops and crisps.

One taste is all it takes.


Tim Tams, the Peninsula Manila version.
Available at the Peninsula Boutique Manila.
The Peninsula Manila
Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues, Makati.
02. 887 2888


5 Responses to “Tim Tams Too”

  • for me, the best way to enjoy this treat is via the “Tim Tam Slam.”

    have you heard of or tried this classic technique? :)


    Lori Reply:

    Wow, I had to look that one up! Nope, never tried it.


    aRj Reply:

    essentially, you use the tim tam as a straw while drinking a hot liquid (coffee, milo, tea, hot chocolate, warm milk).

    But before the tim tam melts in your hand, you quickly pop it in your mouth. (you can take a small sip of your drink at this point) the tim tam implodes on itself, and then this wave of chocolate exlodes in your mouth.

    it can get a little messy..but it is a really fun way to eat the tim tam’s.
    the mistake most people make is biting off the entire end(s). its best to take small bites off the corners.

    Here is the video that introduced me to the tim tam slam way back when.


    Aina L. Reply:

    Now, I’m getting myself TimTams just to try this at home. Thanks for the tip, aRj!

  • Oh, Lori, just reading this made me moan in pleasure. You had me at frisson, hazelnut cream and rice crispies.


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