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A Truffle In A Brownie

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Say it with me: Brouffle. Its inventor, Joseph “Joe” De Roxas, says, “It’s pronounced as ‘brou-’ (ou sounds like hot), and ‘-ffle’ (sounds like fall).” I’m still confused so I call it brouffle, rhymes with “muffle.”


A dessert hybrid consisting of a brownie and a truffle, or if you prefer, a brownie with a truffle-like texture, this is one madly moist brownie. A cherished sweet from childhood that later on provided relief to Joe from the rigors of writing a thesis for graduate school, the brouffle came about by accident. It was brought to life by a recipe encountered in an old cookbook and that Joe tweaked to “…make it perfect and truffle-like.” When it comes to this bar cookie, he’s got some staunch opinions about them. “Most of the brownies in Manila are crusty on the outside and cakey on the inside, [which I’m not a fan of.] In terms of texture, my brouffle is crusty and chewy on the outside, and soft and creamy on the inside, like a chocolate truffle. I want my brouffle to be the best brownie [you’ve] eaten, the most chocolaty, the most delicious of all brownies. I want my brownie to be soft, chewy, rich, dense and fudgy all in one. I want to eat a brownie like I’m eating a chocolate bar.”

On that last point, Joe is dead-on. The base for his brouffles is a 75% dark chocolate from Malaysia, but sometimes he’ll use Callebaut or Felchlin. From there, four brouffle variants are formed.


The Classic Brouffle (above) is a full-on, take-no-prisoners charge of chocolate, available in different cacao percentages, 53.8% or 75%. I prefer these because when it comes to brownies – or in this case, brouffles – I’d rather not have any nutty interruptions.


The Rocher Brouffle (above) hides a whole hazelnut in its heady depths.

There is also the White Mocha (coffee and chocolate), and the Black Forest Brouffle, a shimmy between sultanas and almonds but I don’t try this. I’m allergic to anything labeled black forest, and if you read my book, you already know why. Aside from the nut and/or fruit inclusions I feel that there is no significant taste difference among the variants. Each brouffle is tastefully wrapped in a foil package, color coded to distinguish its flavor. Be careful when opening the package as sudden rips will send a shower of cocoa powder.


Joe calls his brouffle baking business Brownbaker, a nod to Filipinos and chocolate. A swarthy sweet mainlining a direct hit of chocolate, its flavor is big and bold. Sunken centers illustrate a molten mass lurking beneath an overlay of fudge and cocoa powder; it’s so soft that the sweet threatens to fall apart in my hand. Joe recommends that the brouffles be eaten cold, “to achieve that truffle-like, melt-in-your mouth texture,” but I can’t agree because cold mutes flavors. I prefer eating them at room temperature. Either way, it’s subjective so taste as you please. Then you can decide whether the brouffle is more of a brownie. Or a truffle.


Brouffles by Brownbaker
Prices start at P325/9 squares.
Joseph “Joe” De Roxas
Call/Text/Viber:0905. 356 8640 / 0916. 469 6119
On Facebook: brownbakerph
On Instagram: brownbaker
2 days’ lead time. Pick-up points : Ortigas area / Megamall and at Capitol Commons (Saturday and Sunday), and Greenhills area (Sunday). Special arrangements are available for other areas.

7 Responses to “A Truffle In A Brownie”

  • One of the best brownies I’ve tasted in Manila! Love the truffle-like consistency of the brownie. He’s a genius!


  • That looks rich and deadly!


  • Hi Lori!!! Just saw this now. Thank you so much for the review.Will post it and the gorgeous pics on my account soon! Here is another pic of the interior of our brouffle. Btw, we have done minor improvements on our prod and we will be introducing more flavors soon! Thanks again, Lori! We, the brownbaker team are honored to be part of your blog.


    Roni Reply:

    Any deliveries or meet up for Alabang area? :-)


    joe Reply:

    We can deliver in the area but we have a minimum no. of order. Pls. get in touch with us via phone. Ty Roni! =)


    Roni Reply:

    hi Joe! oh, no worries. I am willing to travel to Ortigas just to have those gorgeous brownies. Will get in touch soon!


  • Lori let me clarify that i am not the inventor of this nor a genius for that matter. I followed a recipe, tweaked it a bit and made a twist on it.


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