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Gifts For Christmas

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I’ve been told that it’s somewhat embarrassing how “gushy” I can be. What can I say – I’m big on gratitude. Here, some Christmas gifts given to me and appropriately gushed over.

My coffee beans of choice right now

Coffee is something I’m passionate about, and I’m thrilled when I get to meet people like DCF reader Antonella Abdon who shares my preference for black coffee. We both agree that we prefer our sugar not in our coffee but in our dessert. When she recounts that her efforts to find a great coffee in Manila proved dismal, “…it’s what led my husband and I to search, and we discovered Caffe Mokaflor from Florence, Italy.”

She and her husband are now the exclusive Philippine distributors of Torrefazione Mokaflor. It’s a family-run company that produces artisan-quality coffee. They choose the best green beans worldwide and meticulously slow-roast each batch. The coffee beans are then combined in various blends:

In photo from left to right:
(Black; P635/250g) Mokaflor Bernini Blend 100% Arabica – Terrific for espresso and what I’ve been brewing in my moka pot (as shown).
(Blue; P525/250g) Mokaflor Linea Blu (50% Arabica, 50% Robusta) – For that singular latte and other milk-based coffee drinks.
(Red; P610/250g) Mokaflor Linea Oro (80% Arabica, 20% Robusta) A good all-around coffee, my second fave after the Bernini Blend.
(White; P610/250g) Decaffeinato.

I love, love Torrefazione Mokaflor! They make my Christmas coffee mornings bright.


Torrefazione Mokaflor distributed by Aroma e Crema
02 831 0086 (business hours)
Antonella (0917) 832-63781 or Aileen (0918) 915-9528

Finally, my very own sugar jar

I love sugar in all its forms and have a sugar stockpile of sorts in my pantry. Knowing this, when my friend Gina visited me last Christmas, she was puzzled as to why I didn’t have a proper sugar jar. This Christmas, she rectified the situation. “Now you’ve got someplace to show off your sugar, Food Bud,” she tells me.

Holiday Hamper

I adore holiday hampers because they’re huge and entice with promises contained within. This one is from the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila, home to one of Manila’s best steak restaurants, The Fireplace. Thanks so much to the hotel’s Marketing Communications Team Leader, Josh Hernandez. I especially liked the shortbread cookies (in foreground).

The gift of crunch


Sheena Ganzon is a DCF reader who’s still in college. She sent me her egg-filled empanadas because, “I really love your food blog and I’m your fan. I’d like to send you my product as a gift from me.”

DCF readers are the best!


Danish Rolls
My mom always has an ample supply of these in her freezer, but they make more frequent appearances during Christmas. Pudgy-finger rolls, they’re super buttery and taste like the inside of a croissant. They’re especially glorious when warm and spread with even more butter.


Danish Rolls
(02 ) 671 2498 / 7461

A gift from a geek god

DCF’s webmaster, OB Agustin, is my geek god. I do believe that there’s no one more technologically adept than him. He’s been with me since Day 1 of my blog (way back 2005) and should he leave (me), I will seriously consider shutting DCF down for good.

OB loves my cheesecake (recipe’s in my book), so I make one for him every year. This year, he gave me … erm, gluten free cupcakes. “Gluten free??! Seriously, man?” I ask him. I don’t know if I’m offended or amused.

Turns out these gluten-free sweets are the best cupcakes I’ve eaten all year. Chocolate, Carrot Walnut, and Red Velvet — they’re all impossibly moist and flavorful. I eat one of each in quick succession, and have to be physically removed from those remaining.

Through the years, my geek god’s taught me many things about technology, and now he’s teaching me a thing or two about dessert.


Amores Foods and Products
On Facebook: AmoresGlutenFreeFoods


3 Responses to “Gifts For Christmas”

  • I especially like your geek god’s gift – I visited the website as soon as I finished reading this entry. I did a double-take and thought at first you meant “Greek god”, haha!

    Happy Holidays to you, your Bin, and (not-so) little Boo.


    Lori Reply:

    Have the happiest holiday, Kasseopeia!


  • Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season Lori! Those danish rolls sound like something I’d love…and so mysterious too only having a number to order them :)


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