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Sweet Eats Presents: Risa Chocolate (A DCF Podcast)

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Confections for the Holidays: Risa Chocolates from DessertComes1st on Vimeo.

I don’t know if I could be called a certified chocoholic but I’m definitely a chocolate lover. What a thrill it is then to hang out with Philippine master chocolatier, Pam Cinco of Risa Chocolate! I learn how to temper chocolate, make my own chocolate bars (cocoa nibs on chocolate are incredible!), and Pam even teaches me the proper way to eat chocolate (apparently, there is a proper way).

Thanks to Pam for letting us into her chocolate kitchen, the intoxicating smells stayed with us all day. And thanks to my crew at BongVideos. Check out their brand spanking new website that’s got a special section dedicated to our podcasts.

This episode will stream in HD on this website or watch it in fullscreen on Vimeo. My previous podcasts can be seen here.

Happy holidays, everyone! Why not give Risa Chocolate this year to the food lovers on your Christmas list?

6 Responses to “Sweet Eats Presents: Risa Chocolate (A DCF Podcast)”

  • oh gosh!!!! i’m in heaven now, Lori! That was an amazing video. Great job!! =)


    Lori Reply:

    Glad you like it! Thanks for commenting, Joe.


  • Love the “hell yeah!!!” Great podcast!


  • Thank you so much for this, Lori!!! The podcast is wonderful!! Been receiving a number of messages at how much customers and friends enjoyed watching this! Thank you for helping us spread the passion for chocolate. Hopefully, everyone will appreciate more what real chocolate is after watching the podcast. Happy chocolates to you!


  • Lol’d at Bong’s cameo during the chocolates-being-put-into-the-fridge scene


  • This is an amazing podcast! I’ve been wanting to hear the story behind Risa Chocolate for so long! Thank you for this!


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