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My Chips of Choice: Apple. And Potato Too.

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There’s a little thing I should try sometime called “restraint” but with my all-or-nothing personality, that might be impossible. As I write this, empty bags of chips strewn on my desk stare up at me. They’re demolished to a level such that they are devoid of any stray crumbs. I have no doubt that if the bag itself were edible, I would’ve eaten it too.


My current objects of obsession are these Seneca Apple Chips. Declarations of “Made From Fresh Apples” and “Snack Healthier” are trumpeted on the packaging but I’m not delusional. Anything this addictive can’t possibly be good for me, but oh, how good these chips are!


The advantage (if I may call it that) of eating multiple bags of chips at a time is that I can crunch and compare. The Original flavor (seen above) is rimmed with the red apple’s skin, the Red Delicious. This particular type of apple is sweet without any distinctive tartness unlike the Golden Delicious whose yes, golden skin, has a punch of sour. So: first sweet (Original) then sour (Golden Delicious), fistfuls of chips whose shapes I admire, fancifully fashioned by a slicer, and a fryer!

When the weather starts to get nippy, I yearn for the warmth of spice – ginger, cloves, and cinnamon too. The Cinnamon apple chips are the most macho of the lot. Thicker slices are opaque, letting no sun shine through and it’s for the best, for how else would I see the cinnamon-sugar speckling its surfaces? It’s tickling and tongue-warming.

Though the Caramel apple chips aren’t true to my fantasies of apples dipped in caramel, the flavor is full-on. Stoked by the suggestion of butter and white sugar and vanilla, I munch and make believe that all that’s needed now is a stick for my “caramel apples.”

Done with the sweet. And sour chips, too.



Years ago, I used to eat a brand of potato chips called Thunder Crunch. It was from Australia I think, and I was absolutely mad for it. Haven’t eaten them in years (decades, even) but now Seneca has a new line of chips that reminds me of my much-missed chips. Made from various types of potato, there’s the Yukon Gold, which is sun-yellow and salty.


There’s the Blue Potato, which resembles an ube, brooding and mysterious, and is very earthy in flavor. Then there’s my favorite, the Sweet Orange Potato which is a sweet potato. The complete opposite of the Blue, it’s vibrant in color and slightly sweet-starchy then salty.

Follow instructions for maximum satisfaction: tilt head back and toss down a tumble of chips. Seen here: Red Bliss Potato Chips.

The potato chips are spectacularly thunderous in crunch, deafening might be more like it. Somewhat lacking in the force of flavor I’m looking for (where are you, barbeque?), I prefer dipping these into my homemade onion and sour cream dip. Yes, yes, murderous and more calories but more memorable; because when scarfing down bags of chips like there’s no tomorrow, memorable is always good. (And so is a deep trash can to hide any evidence of out of control snacking!)


Seneca Apple Chips & Seneca Potato Chips
Available at leading supermarkets.
Apple Chips retail for approximately P130/pack, Potato Chips for P170/pack.

8 Responses to “My Chips of Choice: Apple. And Potato Too.”

  • (one potato, two potato…)

    Lol, was just having a conversation with an officemate about finding a nice potato chip substitute… these look very tasty, especially with that shot you did of the blue potato and sweet potato chip duo :)


    Lori Reply:

    Thanks for commenting, K! These chips are delectable with dip.


  • I was munching on these the whole weekend! Btw, I so love that single blue chip picture. So lovely!


    Lori Reply:

    They *are* addictive, yes? Glad you liked the photo.


  • Last month, I was able to get 2 packs+1free (small) of these apple chips from Rustan’s Supermarket in Magallanes. managed to finish all of them in 1 weekend. However, I think their (same) product of 20yrs ago was much more addicting.


  • I seriously need to learn how to work with light for even more dramatic photographs.

    The pics are enough to tell stories of their own!


  • The last picture of the potato chips look so seductive! I love your way with words and how you take perfect photos every time, Ms. Lori.


    Lori Reply:

    Thanks for reading, Madz! Hope you ‘ll visit DCF again.


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